Jumptap Vs Millennial Media
The use of Smartphones and Tablets is currently on the rise and with many more mobile devices being released at affordable prices (like the Nexus7 for example) there’s no stopping it!

Advertisers and businesses are also taking notice of the world domination of mobile devices and have started looking into mobile advertising. But just like advertising online you’ve got a vast choice of options as well as different companies that offer different advertising choices as well as competitive prices and claims.

If we were to compare two mobile advertising options- Jumptap and Millennial Media, for example- you will see that both have similar options for setting up an advertising campaign. It entirely depends on what sort of thing you’re looking for as an advertiser.

Millennial Media offer much more in terms of targeting specific demographics. After you’ve signed up to their site you’ve got a great choice of where you’d like your adverts to appear whether you’d like worldwide coverage, country specific coverage, right down to “Hyper Local” which means to target a small community or geographical area.

With Jumptap, during creating a campaign you’re offered a vast amount of keyword subjects to choose from that relate to your specific advert such as Games, Technology, or Social Networking. This is a great tool to get a more relevant placement with your advert so your ad isn’t overlooked.

Both Millennial Media and Jumptap claim to offer “High Click and Conversion Rates” but Millennial Media is the only advertising company to have their Insight Reports freely available on their website so you can see for yourself the success rate of their advertising platform.

There’s a whole world of advertising platforms out there and the two examples above are just the tip of the mobile advertising iceberg, it’s probably a good idea to put some research into what each mobile advertising company or platform offers and choose the best one that appeals to your target market.

Author Bio:
Aaron Richardson is a mobile gadget aficionado and a contributor to  
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