While Instagram is a visual social media platform, you still have to sell yourself in your profile if you want to reap the rewards of online popularity. This isn’t necessarily the narcissistic quest it sounds like. There are many reasons to put forward a solid online bio. If you’re using Instagram for business, this is especially important. Whatever your goal is with this particular social platform, you only have 160 characters to make a good impression.



Here are 10 great tips to get the most out of your Instagram bio:


1. Professional/Marketing

“Professional baker. Visit my bakery for a sweet deal on cupcakes, donuts, and assorted pastries in Miami (link to site included at the end).”

This is a perfect example of a professional bio with a clever marketing line thrown in for good measure. You don’t have to be specific with an address or phone number if you include a link with all that info in it.


2. Inspirational

“Strive to be the best you can be everyday.”

The great thing about inspirational quotes as your bio is that there are many images/photos you can post to embody your chosen quote.


3. Funny

“I have Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I guess that makes me an instant twit face.”

If you’re going to use a funny, make sure everything is spelled correctly. It won’t hurt to run it past a friend or two first to make sure it actually comes across as humorous and not offensive.


4. Romantic

“The best possible thing that you can get out of relationship is to find someone who encourages you to be the best possible version of yourself everyday.”

This bio is still vague enough that it doesn’t come off sounding like a listing on Match.com, but it does reveal something about what the user is looking for in a relationship.


5. Promotional (Business)

“Visit Tony’s Pizza for a free slice of our new pineapple pizza this Friday. Tell your friends too (includes link to site and a mouthwatering photo of said pizza slice).

In this case, the Instagram bio is pretty much being used like a Facebook status update would be used for business purposes. There is nothing wrong with this, but you just have to remember to change your bio once the promotion is over.


6. Witty

“Insert pretentious crap about myself here.”

There is a fine line between being witty and being funny; often times the two are closely related. If you’re going to opt to use wit in your bio, change it up now and then to keep it fresh.


7. Promotional (Personal)

“Selling my old 10-speed bike. Reasonable offers considered. Click for deets (link to Craigslist and photo of bike included).

This kind of bio is clearly meant to be temporary. Once you sell whatever it is you want to sell or promote your special event, remember to change your bio.


8. Just the Facts

“Student at UCLA. Engineering major. Class of 2015.”

This particular bio is just presenting the facts and nothing but the facts. There is nothing wrong with this approach. In fact, if you’re a college student looking for a job, it’s best to keep your social bios and profiles heavy on basic facts.


9. Creative

“I Love to surf. Don’t live near the water, but still love it. I love to sing. Can’t hold a tune if it had a handle, but still do it. Welcome to me in a nutshell.”

This bio is both creative and expressive. It gives you a good idea that the person who wrote it has a good sense of humor and doesn’t take life to seriously.


10. Cool

“Coffee drinker, Mom, Blogger. I am very busy and important.”

“Just a teen trying to make it in the world. See photos for more insight.”


These bios don’t really fit into any category, but they do come off as cool for one reason or another.

You can use links to your other social sites to provide additional information and personal details, so you really don’t have to be too in-depth with your Instagram bio. Focus on giving a quick glimpse of who you are and you’re all set.