I remember walking around with my film camera as a child and not allowing anybody else to use it, or making sure not to click the shoot button unless I see a perfect pose, in fear that the film may run out. In the current era of advanced technology these concerns do not exist and the fast past movement of technology has brought us to digital cameras upgrading daily with various features and high-tech DSLR camera’s which are a must buy for every photographer. Numerous laptop accessories are available allowing you to edit these digital snaps or convert into digital albums or form a collage and simply print!

If you are not a specialised photographer or don’t possess a modern camera you can still take as good photographs as an expert. All you require is any camera, a cheap laptop and photo editing software installed and in minutes you can transform your normal looking, slightly flawed pictures into gorgeous portraits. 


Photo Editing on Your Laptop.jpg


Choosing an Editing Software

To edit photos into creative images or fix them up for a touch of perfection editing software must be purchased and installed. They vary from difficulty levels to the type of functions; here is a list to help decide which one is the best for you:


Photoshop is the most popular and very advanced tool for editing pictures, but it is not free. It’s best for intermediate or advanced photographers and requires some help and tricks to use. Online tutorials or help from other using Photoshop will have to be taken at first. This is best for advanced editing and allows nearly any sort of editing you wish to perform. From altering backgrounds to making excellent collages, adding watermarks and fixing faces, Photoshop is the best.


Picasa is great software by Google and is completely free to download. It is best for beginners and automatically syncs all photos from the computers and creates albums, these albums can also be viewed in a timeline, reviving past memories. Picasa allows simple editing such as crop, colour changes, rotation, alignment, red eye fixes, and removal of some impurities such as a pimple! It also creates simple collages and is very easy to download and use.


This is another free software that Is best for beginners and those require minor editing. It’s easy to understand and use allowing simple tasks such as colour fixes, rotation addition of borders and art etc.


This software is not free and a great alternative to Adobe Photoshop. It allows numerous tasks and complex editing to be carried out easily but some intermediate knowledge is required and online tutorials will need to be taken. Though slightly tricky it is equipped to fulfill all types of editing needs.


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