Using Irfan View your can easily stitch or join two images vertically or horizontally. You don’t need any skills to perform this task.  All you need is Irfan View and 30 seconds.  In the previous article I had shared a similar tutorial “Combine two image vertically or horizontally“.

Using today’s trick you will be able to combine or join images even offline.  So to begin with, please download Irfan View and install it on your computer

  • Open Irfan View, click on ‘Image‘ and then select ‘Create Panaroma Image

ifran view.

  • Under direction selection Horizontal or Vertical

ifran view panaroma

  • Click the Add images button and add images from your computer.
  • Arrange the images using the move image up and down button
  • Finally click on create image.

I hope this quick tutorial helped you in some way. Do let me know via your comments. Thanks a lot for your time.