Good Bios For Instagram #Secrets

Instagram is a social media site that has had quite a bumpy ride. Despite what the faux statistics tell you, their user numbers have jumped up and down like a frog with the hiccups. People use statistics to say that Instagram grows by X number per year, but people do not mention that many user profiles soon become inactive. This is usually due to people not receiving the recognition they desire for their images.


Many people upload some great photos, and after a few weeks only receive a handful of “Likes.” Compare this to Facebook, where a few good pictures will often receive numerous likes, shares and comments. Part of this is because Instagram is not as popular as Facebook, and the other part is because people are not sure how to correctly leverage Instagram to gain the attention they deserve. Here are seven secrets to help you do just that. So that the next Instagram popularity surge occurs, you can ride the wave all the way to the end.


1 – Have a good profile picture


Consider this more of a headshot picture for you acting CV, rather than a passport photo. Do not have yourself looking odd on your picture. Pulling a funny face may impress your friends, but people who do not know you are going to interpret your funny face as a very unfunny.


2 – Who I am, what I do, what is unique about me


This is the Twitter bio motto that works well for Instagram. You tell people who you are, you tell them what you do or what you are all about. Then you give them one of your character traits or a special unique thing about you. For example, “Hi, I’m Kay, I’m 21yrs old, I am a poet by profession, and last year I won the British Mixed Martial Arts title.”


3 – Define your selling point and make it known


You, your brand or your company should have a major selling point. Your bio is where you let that selling point be known. It is where you strike out and say, “This is what is great about me, love it, love me or leave me.”


4 – Open up a bit without being too candid


The “stock” bio is all too common. Tell people things that are maybe a little more personal. You can lie if you like, but try to appear as if you are being genuine and open. Do not be too candid, for example, do not tell them about the time you got drunk and visited an army barracks. Just try to give people something more than they are expecting.


5 – Lie your socks off, who is going to know


This is true for all social media. Lie, and lie a lot. Just make sure that you do not contradict yourself, and make sure your lies cannot be easily disproved. For example, claiming you are the president of IBM is going to be easy to disprove, but saying that you attended Harvard is not. What are they going to do, look through all the Harvard registrations for your name?


6 – Copy and adjust the bio someone else wrote


This is also a good trick. You simply look at someone else’s bio and copy most of it. Do not copy and paste it, but re-write it so that it fits your story. Add bits, take bits, and make it your own.


7 – Be overly creative in what you write to see if anyone likes it


This is done far too little, and the people who pull it off are often highly attended. For example, if your Instagram photos are all of a gothic looking woman in various spooky settings, then doing your profile in the guise of that woman may work well. But, do not let this idea restrict you. You could create a profile bio that is more like a poem if you like. Try to be creative.

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