Getting on the “most popular” list is one of the best ways of gaining social recognition when using Instagram. This may even earn you a recognition message from the makers of Instagram which will help you get more followers.

How to boost your Instagram profile

Here are some of the tips which I happen to think will be helpful. Please get in touch if you think I’m missing any points, I’ll hang around and join in the comments below too.


What is the “Most Popular” secret formula?

Just like Coca Cola the “Most Popular” formula is not a well known secret but if you happen to get a huge number of likes within a short period of time then this will definitely increase the chances of you becoming popular. Receiving a lot of likes within a minute will definitely help you make this chart. The number of followers plays a huge part as well as working on your profile.

Just like in twitter, you can get a lot of followers by actually doing some following on your part. The best thing remains working on your profile and making it better.

The IG team needs to improve their current formula since it awards a few people who have a lot more users. This makes it hard to discover new users this only a few people can join the “Popular.”


Here are a few basics on how you can go about boosting your Instagram profile:

1) Who you are

It is essential for you to have names or nick names which are unique and easy to remember.

2) Your profile picture

People who are handsome or beautiful will have no problem here. If you are not so sure, sun glasses will give you some confidence.

It is good to have a good sense of humour, humility and humanity because these are aspects that people are bound to find appealing.

There are several effects that will be great boosts when it comes to getting into the “Most Popular”

will definitely earn you points. Make sure you take your time editing and coming up with creative and original photos.

The information about your photos, This is the titles, types of effects you employ and basically the style you use on your photos that is unique to you.

Location Geo-tagging and linking your account to Foursquare can help with identifying the location.

Users will only follow you if you have something to offer that adds value to their life.  

Your interest in the users – The time you spend on Instagram is dependent on the size of your group. If it is a big group then you will certainly spend more time communicating with them.

6) Make use of
emoticons in nicks and comments and this will make people recognize you.

Organize original contests – This may take some time but it is a good method that is known to work.

8) Make sure you
thank your followers and celebrate your hits. Congratulate them as well. An example is when you thank your followers for helping you reach a certain milestone for example a certain number of followers.

Instagram may soon create a ranking system for the popular page that takes into consideration other factors such as regions, countries and different thematics. Just like other social networks, your time zone at the time of posting is important. It is good for you to post at a time when a lot of people in your time zone have woken up and are free. This will give you more followers and help you make it to the “Most Populars. ” Doing it too early or too late may earn you followers from different time zones.

You should also exercise some patience when taking photos. Take your time to make good photos if you want to make it to the “most popular” because people will follow photos which are interesting. This venture requires you to have some patience. You cannot do it in one day. You need to help people and be creative with your photos to attract a good crowd.

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