The internet can be a very complicated and stressful thing, but it does not have to be. This is especially true when it comes to having a slow internet connection, and not knowing why. There are numerous ways in which you can speed up your internet connection. some of them well known, some of them not so well known. They key to speeding up an internet connection, and reducing the ping on your personal computer, has to do with knowledge.
It has to do with seeking out the key information, retaining the information and making the most of it when you have the chance. In the end, you will be very thankful because your computer will be much faster and your ping rate will be much lower. This may sound like complete gibberish to you, but if you are an avid online video game player, then you should be very well versed on these subjects. If not, then now is your chance to learn. Figuring out how to increase the speed of your internet connection, as well as reducing your ping, will enhance your online game playing experience, as well as your entire experience on the internet and the computer. 
Here are some basic tips that will guide you along your way towards a higher internet connection speed, and a lower ping rate on your personal computer:

Increase the speed of your internet connection

If you do not already have a wireless router for your internet, then go get one. There is no reason not to, as wireless internet is now very affordable. The speed of your internet connection pretty much comes down to how your wireless router works, so the key is to increase the performance of the wireless internet router whenever possible, here are some tips to get you along the way:
● Position it better: Some places work better than others, so if it is not speedy enough, then move it to another place and see how that works.
● Increase wireless range with DIY tricks – Old beer can as a WiFi-range extender
● Change the wireless channel: Sometimes, switching the channel of the router will do the trick.
● Update the drivers and firmware: These things play a big role in the speed on the internet, and sometimes all you need is an update to fix the problem.
● Replace the antenna: The antenna is what picks up the signal, and if there is something wrong with the antenna, then it will slow down the internet connection.

 Tip: If you are using a desktop computer, my suggestion would be to connect the modem directly to the computer using the Ethernet cable

How to reduce the ping rate

The ping rate is the connection between a computer and the server for an online game. Here are some things you can do to lower the ping rate:

● Move closer to the server, if possible
● Increase the internet connection
● Improve antivirus software
● Inspect your internet cable quality