Facebook previously gave news that it would announce an Android based all new device early this month. A new Facebook phone now appears emergent giving form to those rumors. This will be a Facebook phone, with a Facebook theme for the Operating System in place of Google’s Android OS. This handset is the HTC Myst and comes with a glorious 4.3 inch display screen, a dual-core MSM8960 SoC processor backed by 1GB of RAM. The rear camera is a 5 megapixel snapper while the one up front for video calling is a 1.6-megapixel shooter. There’s also Bluetooth 4.0 as well as Wi-Fi a/b/g/n radios. All these specifications are a confirmation of the leaked specifications that were swarming us earlier.

On the software front, this device comes with Android version 4.1.2 as well as  Sense 4.5, and yes the addition that makes the phone fascinate, an all new Facebook-program which is called Facebook Home. So with Facebook Home, of course the device home screen and launcher will be Facebook and your usual Android homescreen and kicked out of the picture.


HTC Myst - The 'First' Facebook Phone


It’s all more than just a Homescreen and launch screen, you even get an increased number of system controls, over and above the present Facebook app. You can set permissions to turn off lock screen, or to start up after the phone boots and even controls for your Wi-Fi connection apart from scores more. Your icons are all virtous to the Facebook name and are round fun little ones scattered on your main screen.  Facebook Messenger integration is smooth and works well. Facebook Home will be available on smartphones other than this one, so we wonder if being on the HTC Myst is really inducement enough. However since there is TouchWiz compatibility points out to the fact that Facebook Home can be used on upcoming devices too.

Perhaps a Play store will also be on the agenda.

This Facebook phone has but only the regular smartphone HTC features, and maybe a few more, however nothing extraordinary.


So first up, you need a Facebook account no doubt.  The model is called MYSTUL or simply Myst and is numbered as MSM8960. The device is a Dual Core backed by 1GB of RAM. Unfortunately there is no SD card slot for expansion of it’s on board internal memory. On an overall assessment, the specifications are middle of the order stuff. The hardware doesn’t excite, even though this launch comes following long and extensive planning and designing and creating, all of which began possibly at the end of 2011 when the device was known as ‘”Buffy”. The HTC Opera was another device called the Facebook Phone and had similar features.

The version for the Facebook app for this HTC Myst is called “com.facebook.wakizashi”, which is all related to slashing swords and mighty metal. Well Wakizashi is a Facebook app intwined into the HTC device, and of course it is to serve the needs of Facebook driven folks.

Wakizashi replaces HTC’s home screen app called Rosie, and is here after obtaining necessary intents and permissions.


Facebook Phone Back


The Facebook app can overlap all the Windows available on your device. Above this, it can switch off or disable your lock screen. Facebook app can be set to start up instantly when your phone is rebooted. The app also makes note of the apps which are running on your device. You can regulate and control your Wi-Fi connection, how’s that for wireless power. Change your settings through this app too. Other permissions when allowed let Facebook check and see settings for the Android launcher, the TouchWizlauncherand the HTC launcher.

Whatever permissions the Facebook doesn’t have, can be traced to a small and only 32k application which is known as “home.apk.” Without the Facebook app that application has zero use, so we know what its purpose is for it could also be for Facebook employees too.

This Facebook app has two app drawer buttons, the first being a “bauble_apps_button”, and the second being a “more_icon.”

The button for the home screen settings and a compose button pertaining to Facebook can be found on this device.

There is also, suprisingly, a Google logo referred to as “search_button.png” located within the Facebook app, for which you can add a background color. So Facebook may not have all the control and presiding dominance where this phone is concerned.

Also there is an OS X dock-style -remove shortcut- cloud. In the app are also tons of nice layouts. Since the device at present and the software is all leaked from the developer build, so far, the final version may vary. Whatever be the result, we’re sure Facebook will make its app the Home screen.


Facebook chat heads is something you will have on this device, when your friends send you a text, or a chat messge that person’s head will pop up and float around intimating you that there’s a message waiting to be read. This bobbing chat head will be seen even when other applications are running thus letting you decide whether to tend or ignore. Tap the head to open up the chat message, and close it and resume your application easily. This new feature is found in Orca which is Facebook Messenger as well as Wakizashi. So for those used to seeing this on Ocra, you’ll be able to understand it. The notification may be a bother since it’s like a nagging reminder.

The picture of your friend will be the profile picture that person is using on Facebook. No alerts of this kind are found for other chats like Google chat. The Facebook messenger won’t vary in appearance much.

Developers build is still in the development stages, and awaits finalization. However it gives us a preview to what to expect from the devices, up coming. So we love these leaks which come after much anticipation since the rumours first arose.

Being Wakizashi, the regular Facebook icons have wrenches next to them, symbolic and setting them apart from the regular app. They also have “icon_wakizashi” to all their names, which also indicates that “Wakizashi” may be only the development wing of the Facebook app. There is also Katana found in the Facebook app that shows that Wakizashi is not meant to replace Katana.

This mid range, not fancy, not lacking Sense 4.5 device seems to be controlled by a Facebook app. Also the device could need the app to seem appealing. There’s no Android skin, so it’s Facebook in totality. At present these are all the details, however Facebook fans will take this device since there’s special and non-stop access to Facebook. Better communication, too.

The device is still in its building stages, still there won’t be much of a difference and none at all where hardware goes.