Penguin updates have greatly changed the landscape of search engine marketing that incorporates SEO tactics. This pushed website owners to seek other platforms like social media connections to promote their site. As a result, millions of online marketers got excited about social media marketing; hence, the rush to promote businesses on Facebook is nothing ordinary nowadays. But after thousands of business pages set up in this very popular social network, what’s next? While it is true that Facebook attracts millions of viewers and users on a daily basis, having a Facebook Fan Page won’t suffice. This is what most online business owners are unaware of. They just let the page exist and crossed their fingers. Now, that seems like a recipe for non-productivity isn’t it? If you want to avoid that dilemma, learn from this useful article.
Why You Might Be Failing In Facebook Marketing

Why You Might Be Failing In Facebook Marketing

Before you pack your bags and abandon your business fan page, it would be wise to assess what happened. There are many factors that could have led to a bad campaign including not doing anything at all. Or, in many cases, too much of a good thing spoils the game. Here are possible reasons why your fan page failed:
1.You failed to stick to your knitting 
The reason why it’s called a business page is that it should attend to business matters.Separate your personal posts from this page because it’s unprofessional. The audience are interested in knowing about your products or services, not your food preferences or diet program. Likewise, don’t post anything about religion or politics because this turns off people. Find ways to develop your product and announce the good news. You can also engage people through a mini-survey on your fan page.
2. You made your page a news feed 
If people want successive updates every minute, an RSS can help you out. Posts should be kept minimal; ideally, around to a maximum of four relevant posts a day will catch your audiences’ attention. Think link bait so your posts must be very catchy. If you post like a paranoid, chances are, it will raise a red flag. Remember, people use their precious time to catch up with your posts; hence, make your posts worth reading.
3. Your fan page lacks creativity 
People’s attention are often stimulated by images or visual presentations. People like slides, pictures, and videos. If your fan page looks like an editorial since it’s text-heavy, it’s time to make some changes. Try to always see things like your target audience. It’s even more challenging to attract a younger audience because it takes a lot of stimulation to catch their attention. Insert interesting videos or great images. Just make sure they’re really related to your business. 
4. Your page reflected bad PR 
All the efforts to build an image can be sabotaged by a simple offensive remark. Building a brand is not easy which is why companies even hire PR companies. If you’re on a tight budget and doing all the PT work for your site, then learn to be nice. One offended audience can leave your page and influence a lot of people. Stay away from issues or content that are not business related. Maintain a professional outlook in your FB fan page to earn the respect of your customers.
5. The page is very sales-oriented 
While it is true that a business requires profit, there is no need to write this purpose on the wall., especially on your FB business page. Good salesmen know how to market their product in a subtle way. You’re not supposed to look desperate in selling your product or service. Promote real relationships with your customer base and you will see repeat purchase. Making a quick buck will not make you last long. It’s a place for social connection where people can talk about how great your brand or product is- keep this in mind.
Once you have addressed the errors you’ve made in your Facebook fan page, go back to the drawing board. Create new plans that can revive your business page. It will take time but it’s worth the effort considering what Facebook is for many people. Finally, ask yourself – would you like to hang-out on your FB page? Because if you don’t like what you see, then you now understand why you failed in Facebook marketing.’
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