Apple has more than 20,000 educational apps in its app store.  There are apps that help college students do everything they need to: manage their time, study and even have fun.  Here are five great apps for college students.



Quizlet has millions of flashcards available, and it allows student to build their own custom set.  With this app, any Apple device can be turned into a deck of flashcards and used for studying.  There are several ways student can used these apps to study.



IStudiezPro is a time-management app specifically designed for university students.  As such, it has sections college students can use.  In addition to the overview and planning areas, there is an instructions, an assignments and a holidays section.  The app can also be used for tracking individual class grades and one’s overall GPA.



InClass is designed to help students capture the information professors present in non-lecture formats.  It can record audio, so it is useful for lectures.  However, the app can also capture video and take pictures of professors’ handouts.  The files this app creates can easily be shared with other college students.



IProcrastinate is used by students in every type of school: undergraduate colleges, graduate schools, seminaries, medical schools and other educational institutions.  It helps students manage their largest projects: papers, research projects and exams.  They can use this app to create a study plan or organize their writing.


Angry Birds

Angry Birds may not be the most reverent app to use during a university lecture, but at times a game is necessary.  Angry Birds has kept many students occupied during boring lectures, and it promises to continue keeping students awake in the future.  Not everything in college is about studying, and this app helps students have fun.