This won’t be another ordinary article about photo editing apps and how to make your photos even more amazing. Ok, just a little bit because we all love to make breathtaking pictures and post them on Facebook. However, this time,we’ll go even deeper and let’s find out how we can reuse necessary information trapped in our images since they have become the quickest and most efficient reminders: just snap and there you go. It’s time to finally exploit those pictured contacts, documents, magazines and other stuff and not to rewrite them by hand any longer. So, let’s get down to business and don’t waste time anymore.


Smart Scanner

Forget about memorizing phone numbers and e-mails from your pictures and then contacting. Smart Scanner allows you to take information from the image and immediately call or write an e-mail. Plus, it’s also possible to take URL and open it directly in Safari. How convenient! Thanks to best mobile OCR technology this useful app enables you to reuse text from magazine articles and books too. Smart Scanner app isn’t just a typical scanner app – it’s a much-needed upgrade to your favorite way of gathering information. Boost your productivity and make contacting a breeze.

smart scanner

Scanner & Translator

What about documents, instructions, announcements, books in different languages? No problem, there is an app which handles effectively that problem. Scanner & Translator allows you to take a picture of the text and afterwards to edit, hear and translate it immediately. Also, it’s possible to share it on social networks or send it as SMS. This app is real polyglot and supports more than 90 languages. If you work in an international environment and manage various documents, then Scanner & Translator is an essential tool that will save you time and money.

scanner & translator

Image to Word

With Image to Word taking notes and reutilizing them has become super fun. Just snap a photo of your paper or on-screen document and convert it with ease into an editable MS Word file. Whether you are a businessman or a student, this app will give you a hand and spare you from losing your time on retyping your class notes, invoices, reports, receipts and other documents. A great advantage is that the conversions take place on the servers so the whole process won’t affect battery of the mobile device. A whole new and useful use of your images, right?

image to word

Image to Excel

It’s not fair to mention Word file format and to leave out Excel. If you use tables and spreadsheets on a daily basis then this app will put a whole different perspective on document management. With Image to Excel it’s possible to convert successfully photos of tables into editable Excel documents. Thanks to powerful OCR technology even complex tables can be converted. It will make life easier to all professionals, accountants, managers and bring their productivity to a higher level.

image to excel

Save as PDF

To complete the entire picture with the document management, you’ll need one more app. Usually, the documents are preserved in PDF file format given that they look more professional in that way, but also more secure. With Save as PDF app, as the name itself says,  it’s possible to save your images of different formats as PDF files. Likewise, you can convert Gmail attachments and files from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive without leaving the app. It’s nice to get your all job done on your iPhone or iPad, isn’t it?

save as PDF


And now the fun part – let’s play with photos. PicCollage enables you to create wonderful and extraordinary collages by adding text, stickers and gifs. If you’re not too creative,you can use already existing templates and backgrounds. Once your masterpiece is finished, share it on social media. Just download PicCollage, play with all the options and create stunning collages from your photo collection.



If you are photo and art enthusiast, then you’ll fall in love with this app. Prisma will turn your photos into fantastic artworks. Using modern filters, ornaments and styles of popular artist  give your pictures particular glow and make them unforgettable. After all, see it for yourself, there’s no need for additional explanations, just download Prisma.


How about you? What apps do you use to get the most of your images?