Smartphone apps can be cool and convenient methods to work with social media on the go. There are a multitude of applications available on all devices that can help you manage your social networks, most of which can be downloaded for free. Updating your social media and blogs through your phone can be beneficial, since encourages the diversification of your posts. Read on to find out about some of the best social media applications available.



Flock is an app by the creators of Bump, which lets you take photos at events and organizes all the pictures from yourself and other users into one shared album. All you do is take a photo, and Flock recognizes who you were with. You have complete control over the photos that you share, and Flock even works to organize your photos from past events. The app is great for business owners who frequently host and attend events, allowing them to view everyone’s photos from the event. Flock is free, and is for iOS only.


Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a companion application for the Sprout Social web service. The app allows you to engage with your fans, manage team activities, and monitor your brand on the go. One of the best features of Sprout Social is its use with social media, allowing you to manage and post to all of your social networks in one place. It also lets you view all updates and mentions relative to you, which is just one of its brand tracking features. Sprout social is available free for both Android and iDevices.



Flipboard, self proclaimed as “Your Social News Magazine”, is a convenient application that lets you connect your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumbler, and Google+ accounts (as well as any blogs you have). Flipboard is used to manage and view content from all these accounts. You can also send your rss feed for inclusion to Flipboard, to have your own section to put updates on all of your news and upcoming events. The app is also a multimedia experience, and is compatible with MP4 and Youtube formats, as well as mp3s within your posts. Flipboard is a free application compatible with your Android or Apple iDevice.



Plume is a twitter application that allows users to manage several twitter accounts. Plume is also customizable, with the ability to color code your twitter friends and use widgets in addition to other things to bring you a more personal twitter experience. The application also features an internal browser, the ability to mute twitter accounts or words, geotagging, and livestreaming. For business owners with a heavy twitter presence, Plume is the best way to manage your accounts on the go. Plume is available for free on Android devices, and is available for $2.99 on Iphone.


Mobile applications are good ways to update your social networks when you’re away from your computer, and in some cases, can be even more efficient. Applications like Instagram also let companies share photos and updates with consumers in real time, and keeps audiences on their feet. Especially now that more smart phones are being purchased than computers, social media apps provide a versatile and compact experience, and provides people without computers access to tools that PC users regularly enjoy.