Building and establishing a brand and a following is not an easy task.  Every time you turn around, someone else is doing it different and has been at it longer.  But, building a social media presence is very possible, and can be highly successfulIt might take some time, and some freebies, but once you get a serious following, and some fans, you’re business is likely to seriously thrive.


Here are some ideas:


  • Your online presence: Make sure your profiles on all of your social networking sites are up to date, and the information is current and complete.  They should describe your business in a very uplifting and positive light, with some marketing comments thrown in.  Make sure your logo and website are listed clearly.

          Optimize your online presence with status updates that now appear in search results, using specific keywords for your business to get you found.

  • Promote on even the least popular sites: It is about making your presence known – without being overly annoying.  Everything you do, all the way down to your email signature should be promotion minded.  Set up business pages and profiles that allow others to follow, such as in blogs, or like – such as in Facebook.  You should be working towards getting followers and fans on a regular basis.Leave the business aspects of promotion behind in posts though – and give advice, offer helpful suggestions and make sure it is something the public would want to hear.


  • Consistency:    Use the social networking sites on a schedule, and always offer something that the specific demographic you are trying to reach is going to be interested in – something that can educate them or make their lives better in some way.  Never ask for their business, but consistently give them advice, information and useful facts.


  • Regular blog posts, bulk emails and more, offering useful and valuable information should be sent on a regular basis – weekly usually is a good start.  It’s enough, but not over bearing.


  • Offer freebies and discounts: There isn’t anyone on the planet that doesn’t love getting something for free.  People also love free shipping because it means they don’t have to leave their home to get the item, and it feels as if they’re getting a super deal.


  • Promote the heck out of coupons, discounts and free shipping.  Even buy one get one free – most people love those and will buy just because it’s such a great deal.


  • Even consider asking for participation and a bonus if they do, such as a survey, or questionnaire.  You would be surprised how many people will reveal their true thoughts about your business or product that can help you tailor your marketing strategy.


  • Build relationships: Don’t steer away from competition; use them to help promote your business.  Chances are you are a little bit different than the competition, and you might be able to help them promote as well. Find people in your industry and build relationships with them, by linking to their page and vice versa.  Follow them on Twitter and like their pages.Interact with followers and fans, and asking them questions, engaging them and allowing them to participate in conversations and discussions.  


In summary, make your self liked – a lot.  When you give your resources and valuable education and information to people, they will usually follow.  It just takes time to build a following, and don’t forget a lot of perseverance and patience.