How To Make Sure You Don’t Get Scammed

When searching the internet for opportunities to make money from home, it is important to keep in mind that scams and scammers are everywhere. There are many sites and businesses that really do provide excellent opportunities for people interested in working from home. However, when searching for work from homeopportunities, it is important to first arm yourself with knowledge. To help you in your search, here are some helpful tips and tricks.


Don’t ever pay a fee!

One good way to avoid scams and schemes is to avoid any sites that charge you money before you can seek employment. The majority of websites and businesses that legitimately provide employment for those seeking to work from home charge the clients a fee to connect them with prospective employees. You should never have to pay to look for work. Avoid any sites that charge you a fee for access to a directory of other sites, or a brochure of work from home companies. Never give your credit card numbers to potential jobs. There is no reason whatsoever that a company would need this information to provide you with work. With enough research, you should have no problem finding a good and legitimate opportunity by yourself.


Look At References and Reviews.

References and reviews are always helpful. If you think you may have found a good place to work, check the site first for a customer review section. It is important to listen to feedback from people who have worked on that site before, or hired people from that particular site. Keep in mind that not everyone is happy all of the time. If you do come across a negative review or two, just make sure that the good outweighs the bad. If you can’t find a customer review section, look the site or name of the company up on a search engine. In today’s world of technology, there is bound to be a blog or discussion forum somewhere. Try asking someone you may know where they’ve worked and had success before. If you don’t know anyone that has worked from home before, try a social networking site. A friend of a friend may be able to help put you in contact with a good, reputable company. If you don’t have any luck in that route, try looking up the site or business in discussion forums. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions and really know what you are getting into before you make a commitment to one company or another.


Be realistic.

Expect to be paid fairly for the amount of work that you do, whether it’s data entry or assembling products at home. Companies that offer to pay you gobs of money for little work generally aren’t reputable. Depending on the type of work you do, you can expect to be paid a little less than you normally would in an office setting. Companies and people that hire online or from home often don’t have enough office space, or funds to carry another employee. In today’s economy, telecommuting and the like are often desirable ways for companies to get help with the projects they need finished for a more affordable rate. Depending on your field, you could possibly make excellent pay from home, or maybe just a little extra to help with some bills. If you come across a company offering to pay hundreds of dollars a day to people working from home, be very wary.


Do your research!

Get as much information as possible on the prospective company. Knowing exactly what you are getting into is vital. How long has the company been in business for? Have they ever operated under a different name? How would you get in contact with customer support? Most websites have an “About Us” section somewhere on their page. It is important to read this section very carefully and understand exactly how the company operates. How do they pay and how often? You should always know what to expect from a company before deciding to work for or through them. If you do start working for a company that acts as a third party, always do a little research on your prospective clients. Make sure that the company guarantees payment, or does what they can to help resolve disputes.


Keep your options open.

Try different sites and companies before you commit to just one. Unless you are working full time for someone, and cannot realistically take on any more work there is no reason that you should have to be committed to just one site or job. Sometimes, in the end, trial and error is the only way to find the perfect fit for you. If something doesn’t work out for you the first time, stay optimistic and keep an open mind. At the end of the day, with enough work put into finding your perfect fit, you should come out successful and happy with your online opportunity.


Author Bio:
This was a guest post by Janet, a contributing author at Survey Examiner. Survey Examiner is a paid survey panel review site that aims to examine online survey jobs so that readers can find a truly legitimate opportunity.