While the way we conduct business may have changed a lot over the last ten years, the basic principles of business remain the same.  For your business to succeed, you need a solid marketing strategy.  Whether that marketing is based on traditional methods such as direct mail, or twists on traditional methods such as automated voice broadcasting, you still need to get your message out there.  Are you using all of the marketing tools at your disposal to their full effect?

Top Five Marketing Tools
1. Email
Email marketing is an often misunderstood tool.  When most people think of email marketing, they think of spam, but in truth there are ways to run interesting and effective email campaigns.  One good example of an effective email campaign is the mailing list run by Innocent Drinks.  This UK based company produces interesting, funny, and informative email messages that subscribers actually look forward to.  What better way to make people remember (and love) your brand?

2. SMS Marketing
SMS marketing is not exactly a new technique, but it’s only recently seen mainstream adoption.  SMS messages are more likely to be read than emails, and are great for sending time-sensitive marketing messages.  If you add value to your messages (for example sending weather updates or sports scores along with your promotional message) then you can see a strong response from this kind of marketing.

Why spend a fortune on a magazine campaign when you can get people to spread the word about your company for free via social media?  So called “viral” campaigns are highly sought after in the world of marketing.  It takes a skilled designer to put together a message that people will want to share, but when you find that kind of message, you can expect your business to become a household name pretty quickly.

4. Voice Broadcasting
Gone are the days when telephone marketing required armies of call centre workers dialling phones manually.  With voice broadcasting, you can automate the dialling of your list of numbers, and play a targeted message to each number, with the system detecting whether the call is answered by a human, an answerphone, or a fax machine.  This system is powerful, efficient, and cost effective.

You’ll still need some call centre staff to talk to people that decide they’re interested in the product or service you’re advertising, however the automated dialling will save those people from having to do the dull job of calling a huge list of numbers that may or may not get answered.

5. Street Teams
Street teams are incredibly popular with brands that target students and young graduates.  They’re a great way to get your name out there as a young, energetic and exciting brand.  Street teams are usually used to advertise events, bands, and low cost products such as drinks or foods – free samples are often given out as part of the process.  However, some companies have had success with using street teams for high value products.  For example, Microsoft took to the streets to advertise Windows Phone 8 devices, and attracted a lot of attention with their “dare” competition.

Author Bio:
This guest post was submitted by Amy Fowler on behalf of Collstream, who offer services including voice broadcasting and SMS marketing.