People create blog email lists because they want to remind people that their blog exists. They may wish to raise issues surrounding the blog, or may wish to raise concerns about topics and start up some new ideas for future topics. Sometimes people will not get a very big response via their RSS feed and so will want to market their blog posts via email. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to build up a blog email list, here are a few things you should consider.

 build your email list


This article has five places where you can build up an email list that you can use to market your blog. Before you go email people however, make sure to check the laws in your country or state to be sure you are not breaking them with your email policy.


1 – On your blog itself!!!

For the love of Christmas and all the fairies in Neverland, if you take anything from this article then take this, your blog is the perfect place to build your email list. You need to provide people with the option of signing up to your newsletter. Your newsletter is where they give you their email address and agree to be emailed. Do not put it at the beginning of your blog post and do not have a pop up with it on. Put it at the end of your blog post so that people can sign up to your newsletter after they have been impressed by your blog post.


2 – On your comment section on your blog

You do this by offering a service to email them if someone responds to their comment. There are lots of plugins, extensions and tools you can install into your blog that will allow you to do this. You then simply keep the email address if you want to do it the naughty way, or you can add a message to the bottom of the emails they receive.


The second method is the most sneaky and most ingenious. When somebody comments on their comment (or replies to it), they get an email telling them so. You simply add a message to the bottom of this email asking if they would like to sign up to your newsletter. To make sure you leverage this sexy little trick, you yourself can reply to their comments so that an email is produced and sent. If they don’t sign up to the newsletter, then in a few days you should sign in with a fake username and comment on their comment (pretending to be someone else). They will receive the email again, and you will have another chance to have them sign up for your email list.


3 – On your Facebook profile page and blog fan page

You can build a stellar marketing campaign, or you can come straight out and ask people to sign up for your newsletter. You can promote your blog and add the newsletter in as a bonus of the blog (thereby collecting emails for the newsletter), or you can promote the newsletter itself, and then direct people to your blog form the emails (newsletters) you send out.


4 – On Twitter and any other social media site

Twitter is the next biggest social media site, and you should come up with ingenious marketing methods to get peoples email addresses via that too. Ideally you should promote your blog so that interested parties and look into your blog, and will want to sign up for the newsletter in order to keep up to date with it.


But why not use the other social media sites to tout the merits of your newsletter itself? For example, let’s say you run a blog that is all about dating. Your blog post gives a great dating story every week that people can learn from. Your newsletter could give a short and sharp dating tip every week. This sort of thing would be very appealing to single people who are stricken with loneliness, and it is likely that they would sign up for your dating newsletter.


5 – On your About Me Page

Simply make the text on your “About Me” page the most remarkable piece of marketing since Coca Cola created New Coke so that they could reintroduce Coke Classic. Getting people to sign up to receive mail is nothing short of impossible, so you are really going to have to pull out all the stops to achieve your goal. But luckily you About Me page can be as over promotional as you like. So go nuts and make sure people know how much they need to give you their email address.