The prime concern of employers is to search the outsourcing web sites which are safest to work with. Therefore, they always write queries in the online search boxes “Which Outsourcing Sites are the Most Safest to Work With.” In fact, employer’s query possesses million dollar worth, and everybody who pays a single penny really takes it critically. This article is going to index the safest outsourcing sites to work with. The article includes brief introduction, facts and features of each site.


  • Elance
  • Odesk
  • People Per Hour

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1. Elance:                                                                                    

Elance is the largest online offshore business outsourcing platform where employers and workers contact each other for business. In short, Elance is the place where business becomes deal of mutual benefit. You can hire global talent and also talent can reach to the world’s best employers.


Facts and figures:

The facts and figures stated on the website reflect the user confidence on Elance. It has 1,700,868 registered service providers/contractors to serve while it has processed 595,223,182 U.S dollar (USD) work. [1]It contains the world’s best employers such as Microsoft, Cisco, Facebook, Oracle, City Group, Harvard, Accenture, Dell, and Google. At the same time, there are thousands of talented people who offer their services to businesses.   


2. Odesk:

Odesk is the rapidly growing online outsourcing/offshore working platform. There is no doubt that Odesk is growing fast and meeting the highest mark rapidly. Odesk also provides workplace to employers and make the projects available to service providers. Both these parties satisfy their individual needs at Odesk.


Facts and figures:

There are 350,000+ businesses using Odesk to process their projects. [2] Several prominent employers such as SurveyMoney, HP, NBC, Travelocity, and AOL are posting their projects on Odesk. It has 2.3 million registered contractors and the jobs posted by employers in the second quarter were 444,087. Moreover, Odesk has been ranked No. 1 by annual contractor earnings. That is why job providers and contractors have confidence on Odesk.


3. People Per Hour:

People Per Hour is another rapidly growing online workplace. They claim that “Get anything done, in as little as one hour.” Its credibility can be determined by its 60% returning client ratio. [3]In addition, it has established the most up-to-date and dynamic working place for employers and service providers.


Facts and figures:

People Per Hour has been featured by several print as well as electronic media pundits. These media houses include abc News, Newsweek, BBC, Financial Times, CNN, TechCrunch. Its unique style to offer services by posting Hourlies makes it unique. Employers have posted 156,831 jobs which are of $84,845,571 value. Its 60% returning client ratio strengthens the reliability factor. [3]


How these sites make sure the safest working?

The last question which is still unanswered is how these sites make sure the safest working. All the above mentioned online outsourcing sites contain inbuilt systems which assure quality of a service provider such as skill test, work experience, client feedback and overall rating. It is enough for an employer to determine the potential of hired service provider. In addition, inbuilt communication system with service provider, hourly work progress monitoring softwares, escrow payment system and dedicated arbitration system plays pivotal role to run everyday business.