Pinterest Can Bring More Organic Traffic to Your Page

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If you are struggling with getting enough traffic to your website, it might be time to look for something completely new. A good example of that would Pinterest. While this social media platform has about 300 million active users every month, it is still heavily underused.

People who visit it for the first time usually have doubts about whether it is really worth anything in the first place. After all, it is just a bunch of visuals that you look at. But the reality is quite different. Pinterest can bring you a lot of organic traffic if you know what you are doing.

Newcomers will certainly have no idea how to accomplish this. But if they were to read this article, this would certainly change for the better. Thus, make sure to look below and start your journey on improving the business with Pinterest.

Pins Should Have Quality Backlinks

It is expected that Pinterest is going to introduce various changes to how the platform functions. It appears that there is a new algorithm that favors pins that have links redirecting people to valuable blog posts and other sources online. These types of pins appear to be at the front page and are more likely to appear whenever someone new browses the platform.

While editing images and making them the best you can make is valuable, it seems that those who want to get more attention should follow this practice.

Aim to Grow

There is no denying that growing any type of social media profile is not easy. And the difficulty probably increases a bit more when talking about Pinterest. However, it is worth pointing out that Pinterest users tend to be more engaging so you do not necessarily have to have a massive number of followers to expect a decent result.

You could make things better for yourself by focusing on more than just your current fanbase. The followers you have right now will not go anywhere, but reaching other users who have not heard about you before would be incredible.

The best way to accomplish that would be sticking to the most relevant pins and hope that they appear on the “Picked for You” section of the website.

Relevant Keywords

As you expect, Pinterest also has a search system. Similar to SEO, the text you put in the pin has to be optimized as well. It is not just the quality of the image that matters.

The title has to be relevant and has to include a certain type of keyword. It depends on the niche you are working with, but there should not be too much trouble finding something decent to work on, right?


Similar to the title, descriptions should also be written in the best way that you can write them. Even if things might not seem like that big of a deal on the surface, the reality is quite different and you should certainly invest more time about creating the best possible copies.

Pinterest is the hub for giving people ideas and help them discover new products that they might consider purchasing. Every niche has competition and you should use every little bit of help that you can get in this fight for that top spot.

Guided Search and Analytics

Guided Search and Analytics

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You can help yourself a bit by using a guided search feature. It assists in finding out what type of keywords people are typing on the Pinterest search bar.

Try this by entering a random keyword or phrase. You will notice some tiles which are related to the keyword you have entered. Do this for a bit and you will have a general understanding of what is hot at the moment.

As for the Analytics, well, it helps with keeping track of the data and making necessary adjustments. Having numbers in front of you is always a good thing.

Join a Board Group

Do not forget that Pinterest is a social media platform. There are board groups that you can join and spread your pins on. Your pins will be visible to every member, but be sure not to spam since it is quite easy to get kicked.


Like everywhere else, if you want a natural growth which leads to other good things (more organic traffic in this case), you have to be consistent and have a schedule for posting.



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It will likely take longer than you expect, but the results will come if you are persistent and do not give up if things are not turning out the way you thought they would.

So in conclusion, if you are looking to bring in more organic traffic to your site, Pinterest is certainly one of the more underrated options at the moment. And if you follow the tips in this article, you should be in quite a decent position.