With the saturation of smart-phones the world of travel has changed dramatically in the last few years. Gone are the days of carrying around cumbersome travel guides or phrase books. Now a travel adapter for your phone charger is enough – and once you’re armed with some good travel apps you can set off on your travels knowing that all the information you’ll ever need is in your pocket.


Travel Apps for the Nokia Lumia that I have found very useful on my own travels.


XE currencyXE Currency

This is one of the most useful travel apps you’ll ever come across. It’s an essential app for any tourist and helps avoid those embarrassing moments back at your hotel when you realize that you paid far too much for that useless souvenir.

 It’s very easy to use and it’s possible to add your home and 10 favorite currencies so your currency conversion is just a tap away. The app can be used offline to avoid unwanted data charges.


Weather BugIt always pays to know what to bring with you on your way out the door and the weatherbug app lets you know the most up to date weather forecast for the local area so you’ll never get caught without your umbrella.

 Weatherbug also has a nice “lifestyle forecast” feature – is it a good day for skiing? Should I bring my golf clubs tomorrow? This function offers forecasts tailored for you which lends a personal touch.



Nokia transport

Nokia TransportIf apps weighed anything then this app would be worth it’s weight in gold. It’s simply the best travel app you will ever use.If you’re like me and enjoy wandering around unfamiliar towns and cities then you will have also found yourself, at some stage in your wanderings, completely lost.

The Nokia transport app will direct you to the nearest public transport to get you back to your hotel, and it will even give you the estimated arrival time! A truly exceptional app for any traveler.



TranslatorA simple yet extremely useful app that does exactly what it’s supposed to. No more hand gestures and map pointing to get you to the local museum or the nearest train station. Just speak a phrase into your Lumia and the translator will repeat the phrase in the language you choose, they even manage to use local accents.

You can also translate signs by simply taking a photo and letting the app do the rest.This app can be used offline but be sure to download the language packs you need before travelling.


TripadvisorTrip Advisor

Everyone’s favorite travel site has got its very own app. Tripadvisor has been a favorite among travelers for quite some time now and with access to over 50 million reviews on anything from beaches to hot dog stands, why would you use anything else?

Real reviews from real people mean that you are no longer playing the guessing game when eating out or choosing a hotel. But the best thing about this app is the “Near me” feature which offers the best recommendations locally. 


With these apps and your Nokia Lumia in your back pocket you can wave goodbye to language barriers, embarrassing financial hiccups, and even missed buses. Travelling has just gotten a whole lot easier. Just remember to bring your Lumia!