If your family is like most families today, everyone is going in a different direction all of the time.  Schedules become crossed and appointments become stacked one on top of another.  The worst part of having such a hectic schedule is that you may lose track of where everyone is at times.  With a GPS locating app for your Android or iPhone, you can immediately check to see where all family members are located.


The most popular GPS apps allow you to use real time maps to locate family and friends.  Some of the best apps include:


  • LOCi – LOCi supports both Android and iPhones with GPS tracking and locator apps. They have three apps to choose from: iLOCi2, GPS Tracking and Tracking.  Each one has different features that make it unique.  Research all three at LOCi’s website to choose which one suits your needs.

  • GPS Tracking Pro – By using this free app for your Android, you can track your family and friends using GPS so you know where they are at all times.  You can track them through the GPS on their iPhone or Android or purchase a GPS locator device. Real-time maps show locations for each person you are tracking.

  • GPS Tracking by GTX Corp – This is a great low-cost GPS tracking app for iPhones (available through iTunes).  The features that make this GPS app unique are the integration with Facebook and Twitter, text messaging and location shown on Google Maps.

  • GPS Friend Finder – This Android app allows you to see where your friends and family are by using the GPS in their iPhone or Android phone.  The catch with this GPS tracker is the person must give you “permission” to see them before you can add them to your locator list.

  • PocketFinder – This GPS app works with both Android and iPhones and allows you to track vehicles and pets in addition to family and friends.  You place a tracker device on the vehicle or pet so that you can view the location from your smart phone.  This is great for children who do not have a cell phone because you can still track them with the GPS tracking device.

The other use for GPS apps is to keep up with where your kids are “hanging out.”  By using GPS locator apps for Androids and iPhones, you can feel safer about allowing your kids to go out with friends.

Think the tracking apps industry is a good industry to get into? Then you might be thinking of creating one for yourself. If you’re not tech savvy, you can get a company like Approach Mobile to make tracking apps for you.