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DNS servers are one of the most important component of Internet browsing but only few people really understand how it works .DNS stands for Domain Name System. The primary job of a DNS server is to translate the domain names like Facebook.com or Google.com to IP addresses example You need to choose the best DNS servers in-order to get full advantage of Internet connection. A site won’t load or load slowly unless the DNS server has performed its work successfully.

Majority of the Internet users don’t bother about the DNS server addresses and continue to use the default DNS server of their ISP (Internet Service Provider) Itself. There are a variety of DNS servers  to choose from, like the Open DNS and Google DNS .You can type ipconfig/all  in command prompt to find the DNS server used by your computer. Here is the Google DNS and .Its not necessary to use both,you can use Open DNS as an alternative or Vice Versa

Two utilities that will help you find the best DNS servers

DNS benchmark and Namebench are the ones I recommend and it will help you find the best DNS servers for your computer. Both these programs are portable and compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS.   I prefer Gibson Research corporation’s DNS Benchmark. It performs and complete in depth analysis and comparison of the performance and reliability of DNS servers.  There is another program called DNS Jumper , it limited and provides a quick test and it only works on Windows operating system.

How to test for Best DNS Servers

You don’t need to bang your head for finding the most appropriate one when  you have some good software’s like DNSBench  and NameBench. These software’s run benchmark tests and displays the best dns server for your computer.I recommend DNSBench as its display the results faster.NameBench is also good but comparatively takes more time to complete the test and does not provide a detailed report when compared to DNS Benchmark

Here is an example on how to use DNS Benchmark.

  • Once you start up  DNS benchmark, it will verify your internet connection

dns benchmark

  • Go to the nameservers tab and click on run benchmark

 dns benchmark testing

  • After a few minutes, the results will be displayed.

How do I change DNS address on my computer?

Go to control panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center –> Change adapter settings on the left -> Local area connection -> Right click go to properties -> select internet protocol version 4 and click on properties –> now change the DNS address.


    1. DNSBench
    2. NameBench 

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DNS For Dummies (Recommended)

If you are interested in learning more about DNS. Please read this book and its has tons of useful information.

  • Unique entry-level guide to Domain Name System (DNS), which translates Internet host names into IP addresses and is used with all Internet servers
  • Shows how to install, configure, and troubleshoot DNS on both Windows and UNIX servers
  • Helps people seeking technology certifications bone up on DNS theory, terminology, and architecture-a requirement in several popular exams
  • Includes real-world examples based on the author’s daily experience with both large and small networks
DNS for dummies ebook

Do you know any alternatives than the two mentioned above? If you know any other method using which will help find the best DNS servers, please comment below or email me.  I will make sure, it gets updated and you will surely receive credit for the same.