Hunt For The Fastest DNS Server 

Everyone loves to browse at lightening speed and wants web-pages to load in a fraction of a second.Which is not possible unless you have a high speed broadband connection at your place.Still if you want to take full advantage of your Internet Connection then you need to tweak your DNS settings on your computer.I won’t say you would notice a lot of difference in speed but yea it definitely adds to it. It will improve Gaming ,web browsing experience

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Fastest DNS server
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What is DNS and How to Find the Best DNS Servers?

DNS converts human-friendly addresses like to computer friendly address . To Find the best dns address there are various software’s available like Namebench.  I have found a Namebench alternative that helps you find the closest and the fastest dns server quickly. DNS Jumper v1.0.4 not only finds it but also changes it for you on the computer.


How To Find The Fastest DNS Server using DNS Jumper v1.0.4?

Fastest dns server 
  1. Download the portable version of DNS Jumper and start it up
  2. Click on “Fastest DNS”
  3. When its finished click on Apply DNS
Feel Free to post your comments and let us know if there are any alternatives.If you have any doubts on how to use the above software let me know via your comment