As a parent, technology is making it admittedly hard to look after children. A parent can do all the things that are required at home but when a child or teen steps into the realms of technology and web communication, they know no bounds. And though the Internet is supposed to be a place of learning and interaction, many parents have learned the hard way that it can be a snaring place full of traps for your child too. The increasing cases of social network bullying, online abuse, unfiltered adult content, and Internet-linked child molestation have left parents gasping for help in this alien virtual land.

Parental lock

What To Opt ?
But of course, if the market demands for it, then there’ll always be those ready to supply. That being the case, BitDefender seems to be climbing up security levels in order to bring to you some really good security apps and at the same time carve out a comfortable niche in the market. Recently, it launched (mostly for iOS ) a cell phone and computer monitoring safeguard that is set to uncover some of the more sneaky apps that  get under your smartphone’s skin and start accessing private information. And with that said; now you can get really interesting parental control software from the same company.
The beta of the safety tool is out now and is available for download for free for the general public. The new product is actually a first of a kind standalone control unit. Most security companies produce parental control software as an accessory or attachment to overall computer and cell phone security. This is where BitDefender has varied from the pattern and provided a complete package which aims to solely satisfy parental computer monitoring needs.

What It Offers
The program allows parents to block particular actions. For instance, the most obvious need is to have a control over which websites are being accessed by your child. With this program you can block certain sites, restrict use of certain applications, disallow instant messaging from anyone you do not wish your child to interact with, and also set time restrictions on Internet availability so that your child or teen can access Internet only at the times you pre-choose.
Another feature which will have parents raving and thanking their lucky stars is the cell phone monitoring benefits. Since the program has a cell phone feature which is a part of its overall package, parents can now block their children’s phones from receiving calls or text messages from specific numbers. At the moment, since this is a beta launch, this mobile control feature is only available for Android users and those too using versions 2.3 and onwards. Since this tool looks like it has a lot to offer, iPhone and Blackberry users can expect to have it come their way soon too.

Just Watch
For those parents who feel that parental control software is in actuality too controlling, BitDefender provides the platform for those who wish to simply keep an eye on their child’s Internet activities, not butt in unnecessarily. Through an easy to use web interface, you can view what your child is up to on their browser, the websites they visit and what they do on their Facebook. This way you and BitDefender both can protect and defend your child from technological harm.

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