With over 600,000 apps, the iTunes Marketplace is a wee-bit crowded. If you are like me, then you might be sick of the endless parade of apps that are just another tired play on bursting bubbles, or flinging animals through the air.  The sad truth about the iTunes App Store is that it’s rare to find apps that are fresh, funny and genuinely entertaining day-in and day-out. Here are 3 completely free iPhone apps that not only have me in stitches laughing, but keep me coming back day-in and day-out with unique and entertaining content.


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Bahndr: In a world with no shortage of ‘photo sharing’ apps, Bahndr stands alone as one of the most genuinely entertaining apps you will find on the app store. Bahndr is a simple social game where people share funny photos and trade hilarious, and often inappropriate, captions about the funny moments people capture with their iPhone cameras.  If you are a Redditor or are a witty Tweeter, then definitely check out Bahndr.


Mime-Me: A clever spin on the game of charades, Mime-me creates a really fun way for people to challenge each other to guess photo mimes people create with their iPhone camera. If you are bored in class, or stuck in an endless meeting, Mime-me is the perfect distraction to bring a little but of humor to your environment.


iFunny: Mondays will never feel so depressing when you have iFunny. Wake up every day to swarms of hilarious photos shared by users of the app across the world. iFunny is all about capturing funny photos, regardless of what they are or where the come from. If Bahndr’s photo captioning isn’t your thing, than iFunny might be a lighter alternative.