Whether you want to lose weight, maintain weight, or attain better fitness all-around, you can now do it with the help of an iPhone app. There are iPhone apps to help you choose the right menu item at a restaurant as well. Here are 12 great iPhone apps to keep you healthy physically and emotionally.

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1. T2 Mood Tracker

Staying track of your physical health is hard if your emotional health is on a permanent yo-yo. Use the T2 Mood Tracker app to track your moods on a daily basis. Review your entries now and then to get the larger picture of your mood swings. Obtain a mood-rate using this app’s slider scale. The app can also prompt you with questions and record your answers to compute your mood analysis. Plus, it offers helpful tips to handle your moods and mood swings. This app also recommends when it’s time to consult a professional.


2. Restaurant Nutrition

How do you know how many calories you’re consuming when you’re eating out? Use the Restaurant Nutrition app for to view menus of most chain restaurants and fast food chains. This app helps you make better menu choices when you eat out and tracks your calorie intake as well.


3. The Snack App

If you love snack foods and cannot manage without your daily burger fix, you need The Snack App. This app breaks down your favorite snack foods into their nutritional content, calories and the effort needed to burn those calories. This app also helps you make healthier snack choices.


4. Fitness Free

With over 300 exercise routines, you’ll be hard put not to succeed at your fitness regime with this app. Complete a fitness routine and you can add it to your log.  Customize various exercises to fit them into your daily and weekly exercise routines.


5. SparkPeople

SparkPeople with its colorful graphics will help you keep track of your caloric intake and mind your weight watching efforts. It can help you plan your diet and exercise program, and monitor your progress. You can search for food information and schedule your meals and exercises with this app. If you have an online SparkPeople account, you can upload your weight management information to share with others.


6. Everyday Health

With Everyday Health, you have your own pocket health reference with detailed information about more than 50 health conditions. So any time you want info on eating disorders, allergies, HIV/AIDS, thyroid conditions, yeast infections or lung cancer, all you do is turn on this app. Apart from this, there are hundreds of expert health guidance, tips and nutritional facts for fast food items.


7. Lose It!

The best way to lose weight is through Lose It! This app helps you track your calorie intake, fitness activities and progress. This app asks for your personal information such as age, weight, height and your planned weight loss. The app then gives you a calorie intake and exercise routine recommendation. You can scan foods to determine you’re getting the exact number of carbs, proteins and nutrients as told by the app.


8. Runkeeper

Runkeeper maps your running miles using your phone’s inbuilt GPS. You can set your pace and listen to the app through your headphones as it keeps you on track. The app also provides updates on distance covered, time and remaining distance. The app also plays music from your fav playlists in between the audio updates.


9. Fooducate

It’s tough to make healthy choices while buying food; most of us are taken in by the packaging. This app helps you make healthy choices using an integrated barcode scanner to give you instant info on a multitude of food options. It grades food according to the nutritional content and recommends the best foods for you. A and B graded foods are the healthiest options.


10. Sleep Cycle

Not getting enough sleep or not getting good quality sleep is just as detrimental to your health. The Sleep Cycle app uses your iPhone’s accelerometer to monitor your sleep movements. You can set your wake up alarm to go off when your sleep is lightest, so you don’t wake during deep sleep.


11. Fitness Pro

Not everyone knows how to properly use gym equipment, unless they have a trainer. This app provides a list of targeted gym exercises along with photos of actual people performing those routines. You can personalize your own work routine using one or more exercises as well.


12. Calorie Counter

You have access to a large food information database containing national restaurant chain menus and popular supermarket items. Use the barcode scanner to scan grocery items to know their nutritional value. Monitor diet via the diet calendar, track workouts using the exercise diary, and maintain your food diary. As an added perk, you can synch data to and from your Fatsecret.com account.


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