In the modern business world, all professionals require applications that enable them to view figures, edit documents, communicate effortlessly, and otherwise carry out their jobs to the greatest possible standard. This isn’t as simple as it sounds, however. Many a person has been frustrated by the fact their company phone is a Blackberry, for example, but there are great iOS apps available.

Thankfully, there are a number of great apps generally available on all platforms. This means professionals around the world can benefit from their use without having to change their device or spend any extra sums of money.

We looked at the five best business apps that you can use on any device or platform.


Microsoft Office Suites

Microsoft Office is still the dominant document creator of choice around the world, so it is no surprise really that apps of this type are so popular. While there are some that have been developed by Microsoft, others have been independently released but that still do a job.

Stick to the official edition, however, if you want full editing capabilities as well as a PDF creator and editor.



There is no question that this is the leading cloud application when it comes to storing quick tid-bits of information, whether it is a couple of bullet points you need to raise at a meeting, an audio file, or a photograph.

Use Evernote across all platforms to store and synchronise your data to the cloud, to access later at your convenience. Although predominantly a business app, this is great for personal use, too.


Remember the Milk

We chose this one because it is a quirky name that you can remember, but you really do need an app that takes the form of a simple ‘to do’ list. You probably don’t realise how much energy you use remembering information and tasks to do, and even more so those you forget!

Save yourself the stress and never forget a trivial task again.



While Skype has its critics, there is no question that it is still the leading application for communicating quickly and easily with contacts around the world.

Everyone knows about the cost savings potential of Skype, the message here is really to continue using it, rather than looking elsewhere for services that may advertise other features, but not be as useful.



This app gets the vote when it comes to cloud storage simply because of the multi-device possibilities that can make it a brilliant business tool. SugarSync is quick to send the data you need to several devices, ensuring that employees across your company always have important figures at their fingertips.

These apps are all available across multiple platforms, meaning they can all be used by people across your business, no matter the device they use. This could save you time and money investing in uniform devices for everyone in your company.