Investing money on high branded and good-quality printer models does not mean your printer is malfunction proof.  If the cost of printer ink cartridges isn’t high enough already in the market; you should also save money in case of printer accidents like this. Hiring service for printer repair is always recommended to ensure machine safety. But if you need to cut down on cost, repairing your ink-jet printers is also an option; especially if the printer is only for personal use. Below is a list of common printer problems and their solutions.


 HP Printer


Power failure

Make sure your printer is really turned on by plugging it into a working outlet. If you already did this, and the printer won’t still work, check the status screen. It will usually flash ‘Error’ or ‘Perform Maintenance.’ Refer to your printer manual, and follow the instructions in it. If the printer refuses to light, try to plug it into a different power source; if that didn’t work, the problem could lie in the socket.


The printer doesn’t feed the paper

First, confirm that the printer is on. If power isn’t the problem, check if the paper is jammed inside the printer. Lastly, withdraw the print spool, the accessory that keeps data on the print logs, and put it back again.


Poor print quality

If the quality of the text isn’t as deep as it used to, and you’re using a high branded printer ink cartridges. The problem could lie in the printer or the cartridge itself. Check if the printer is well-maintained and dust-free; a printer clog with dust is hindered from producing good-quality print-outs. If that is not the problem, try adjusting the toner cartridge. Also check the print settings, and correct the print density to your liking. If the above didn’t work, ensure that you are using good-quality paper. 


The printer won’t connect to the computer

Certain software should be installed before a printer could connect to your PC. If your printer have work before, then problem lies somewhere else. Make sure the USB cable is working properly, and it is adjusted correctly. Try plugging and unplugging the USB cable into the back of the computer.


Printer speed is slower than usual

The problem could lie mainly on the print spooler. It is highly recommended to replace and restart the Print Spooler service; especially if the computer indicates error statuses about the spooler subsystem and printer spooler resources.


Persistent paper jams

Try to reload the paper trays; ensure that you’re not using any worn, torn, or irregular sized papers. Check if the paper trays that you reloaded have the certain paper sized that you want to use. If that didn’t fix the problem, overturn the stack of paper in the paper tray. Lastly, try checking for malfunctioning components, and call for printer service.   


Printer ink smears

If ink smears appear on the print-outs, the problem could lie on the fuser rolls. Fuser rollers are the components of your printer that prints the ink into the paper. Repairing the fuser rolls is an intricate and messy job. It’s best to hire a printer service provider.