Online Shopping Tips To Consider

Online Shopping is the choice for many household in recent years. Who would not love to shop from the comfort of home? Also, you get an option to choose from thousands of varieties of the same product but you may not get the same choice if you visit a shop in your locality. Of course, there are some pros and cons of shopping online but today, I will share some very important tips that will not only let you shop safely, but also help you deal with common problems after a product is delivered.

online shopping tips


I had a very horrible experience shopping experience with Snapdeal (Just another online shopping site). So I made a point to take precautions and also share some online shopping tips which will help everybody.

Use a secure Internet Connection.

Make sure you have an Antivirus and a Firewall installed on your computer.   Never ever use a public wifi to shop online as there is always a risk of compromising your password and your debit or credit card numbers.

Use Familiar Websites

Always shop from popular and trusted websites. For example, etc. If you know the site, its less likely to be a rip off . All your transactions will be carried out in the most safest manner.

Finding the Cheapest Deal on the Internet

Lets take an example of shopping a Dell Inspiron Laptop . There must be a particular model which has impressed you . Let say I searched “Dell Inspiron 15 3537 W560351IN9 ”  and got thousands of search results and finding the cheapest deal is one hell of a task.

This is where Comparison Shopping Engines comes to the rescue.  These sites will automatically find you the cheapest deal thereby saving your valuable time. Here is the list of 10 best shopping engines by

Coupon Codes for Additional Discount

After you have found the cheapest deal on the Internet. You can always try your luck and get additional discounts.  There are several coupon code websites on the internet and PC Mag has done an amazing job compiling the entire list for you.

Take a screenshot or record the deal page

I recently ordered a 39 inch Panasonic Viera led TV. On the order page it said 3 yr warranty but when I actually received the product, the bill stated 1 yr warranty. I’m still in touch with the website but I never got any response from them yet.

snapdeals flase advertisement

Always call the customer service team before you order and make sure you confirm all that is listed on the order page. If possible record the call.  Its better to be safe than sorry.

Review the return, refund, and shipping and handling policies

Most websites do not accept electronic items if your return them.  If there is a problem with it ,they will direct you to contact the manufacturer.  Hence, read the policies on the website. If you can’t find them on the website, call the customer service team and ask them to clarify all the details. Make sure your record the call.

Inspect your purchase

As soon as your receive the product. Take photographs and inspect the product. Check for any damages during transit. If you find any fault, contact the customer care helpline immediately and take an email with photographs.

These are a few online shopping tips that will help you become a responsible buyer.   Please share your view and share your experience with me via comments below.