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Blog contest s have become extremely popular as creating a buzz about your online venture today. A simple contest or giveaway session can create an influx of visitors into your site. As a visitor, you must have already come across many blog contests online. These contests are powerful because they can easily go viral on the social platforms and make you some serious money in a short time. Here, you will explore some effective strategies for running successful blog contest on your website.

Tips That You Must Follow While Running A Blog Contest


Set your business goals and simulate the outcome of the strategy

Before you start a contest, you have to understand the business potentials. You must set your own goals and simulate the entire project theoretically. You have to create something lucrative and profitable for your online business. You may follow the popular models to create a unique concept for your blog. You should focus on a single objective to achieve the best result out of such contest.


Create a standard contest model after extensive research and analysis

As you’re working on a global platform, you have to consider doing plenty of research works before you implement the strategy. These contests often require an investment and that’s why, you should analyze all the minute details from business perspectives. You should learn about successful contest models to prepare your own stuff. Take expert help and prepare the model with caution.


Use professional online contest management tools

Certain resources online can prove helpful for running online contests. Several websites provide technical support to the webmasters for running contest-campaigns on the websites or blogs. Some of these websites can help you with effective and proven contest models as well. Their charges may vary depending on your business needs, extent of marketing and campaign budget., CompResult and RaffleCopter can be very helpful for busy bloggers.


Choose the prizes wisely; give something that everyone’s love to have

People love contests because the winner gets a prize through a competition. The feeling and teachings of sportsmanship will certainly help your business grow. But you must pay attention and choose the prizes wisely. Don’t offer something impossible, suspicious or irrational. Go for a simple product that anyone would love to have. You should not focus on the prize overly while promoting the contest; rather you should describe the fun and enthusiasm of sportsmanship.


Keep your sponsors informed about the contest

As you’re looking forward to launch a blog contest, you should get some sponsors to share the finances. During while the contest is running, stay connected with the sponsors. Keep them updated and get them engaged in the operation as well. The co-operation comes with amazing benefits; you will be surprised to see how the visitors are referred from multiple resources.


Set a time-duration and give clear-cut instructions

Every contest must have some official rules. Before you launch the contest, prepare your rule and publish on your site. Be strict about the time frame, choosing the winners and other terms and conditions. Make sure that your contest doesn’t violate any law or financial rules. Give proper and straightforward instructions so that a reader can understand the terms and conditions at a glance.


Stay in touch with the followers and contestants

Make the contest easy to enter for the visitors. Don’t ask for too many details as it’ll discourage a potential contestant to enroll in the contest. Also keep the contestants updated about the program. You should engage the contestants socially so the competition gets a better exposure and social attention. Search engines will also help to get your contest organic visitors.


Promote your blog contests on different popular platforms

First, you should promote the contest to your regular readers. This will definitely reprise your royalty to the regular visitors and followers. But you should also attract new readers, visitors and followers on your website, right? That’s why, you have to promote the competition actively on different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and so on. You can also go for paid marketing, sponsored listing and everything else for doing SEM.


Include surprise-elements in your contest plan

You must have something to say even after the contest is over. Include some untold surprise in your plans while preparing the strategy. You may provide extra incentives to the winners or your loyal followers as well. If any of your readers has shared and helped the News spread out, offer him something that inspires him. This again keeps you ahead of your competitors.

Expert contest-organizers have always come up with unique ideas and promotional strategies. But all of them follow a basic outline while running a contest online. The tips you have learned here talk about the baseline strategies and modules that can help you optimize and populate your blog contest quickly and efficiently.