WordPress is a great platform for bloggers who want to enhance their online presence, share thoughts with their audience, become popular and eventually earn additional income. However, few people become successful as bloggers, mostly because they don’t have the right attitude and are afraid to experiment with their audience. Here are a few tips on how to become a more effective WordPress blogger and attract more users to read your posts.

Tips To Be A More Effective WordPress Blogger:

Be Proactive And Don’t Hesitate To Take Risks

If you are afraid to discuss “sensitive” subjects or write about things that may ignite controversy among your readers than successful blogging is probably not for you. You need to be continuously looking for new ideas, angles and perspectives on old problems and offer revolutionary solutions or insights that cause excitement among your readers and determine them to come back for more reading. Try to anticipate the reaction of your readers to a blog post, and if you feel that you may be creating some controversy or chaos, then it may be a good sign indicating that you can try writing about that. Boring, regular blog posts can reduce your audience quicker than controversial, risky articles.

Make Your Readers Feel Like Their Feedback And Suggestions Are Important To You

Although blog posts can hardly be classified as open discussions, you can make your audience feel appreciated and taken care of if you listen to their suggestions and feedback. You don’t need to agree with everybody or actually use the ideas, but at least create the impression that the feedback may influence your future articles. Readers should feel that accessing your blog is an interactive experience rather than an online monolog. Another effective way to increase your audience is to create some sort of “ideas” contest, in which readers can make blog post suggestions or provide ideas for you to write in the future. Ask questions to your audience, demand feedback and opinions, and create a relaxed atmosphere where everybody can make polite comments about your blog posts. If your interaction with readers is rigid and unexciting, they may never come back to read another blog post because they may feel ignored or consider you “arrogant”.

Make Your Blog Posts Problem-Oriented And Provide Valid Solutions

People read blogs to find useful information or solutions to problems they may have. You may want to center each blog post around a problem and offer exciting perspectives on how to solve even the most difficult issues. However, you also need to provide solid solutions. Nobody wants to read about their problem in great detail without a valid answer included. People generally like problem-solvers because they feel more relaxed and at ease when they visit this kind of blogs.


Don’t Forget To Inject Some Humor And Avoid Being Too Serious

Even if the problems you discuss in your blog posts are as serious as global warming or poverty, you still may need to use humor occasionally to create a pleasant atmosphere and avoid tension. You don’t need to become a comedian, but at least create the impression that you don’t take yourself too seriously and that you can appreciate a good joke.

Implementing these basic tips can increase the effectiveness of your WordPress blog and help you achieve online popularity. Remember to be original and avoid becoming boring and repetitive, and, with sufficient effort and discipline, you can become a successful blogger.


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