WordPress 3.5 was released on 12th Dec. After I upgraded to WP 3.5, Problems like adding posts, Media, Arranging Widgets started. At first i thought that it could be because of some plugins. hence, I deactivated most plugins and later all plugins at once but nothing worked. The second thing that came to my mind was the theme, hence i tried reverting back to the WordPress default theme but even that didn’t help. The only right thing I did was that i backed up my blog before upgrading to that latest version of WordPress.

I asked for help from my fellow bloggers, but ‘Vignat Vora’ who has been my friend since I launched BleepingTech was the first to respond with a positive answer. His always willingness to help has really inspired me. He is a great guy don’t forget to visit his blog.

Talking about the issues after upgrading to WP 3.5, Vignat guided me to  WordPress support forum where ‘JoseVega’ a member had answered a similar question. Hence, I decided to follow the instructions and it worked like a charm.

Are you also facing problems adding posts, media or widgets after upgrading to WordPress 3.5?

Remember to take a backup of Wp-Config File.  You can find the file in Cpanel.

Open the file and add the below code, at the end and save changes.

wp-config edit

  1. define('CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false );

concatenate scripts

This should fix the problem as it worked for me and many others. Do try it and let me know as well. If you found this post useful, do share and help others as well.

If this doesn’t work for you please follow this article:  Unable to Drag and Drop Widgets After WordPress 3.5 Update

NOTE: This article was deleted accidentally hence, I am reposting the article although its old.