000webhost provides free as well as premium hosting solutions for users.  Its also known as the best free hosting solution for WordPress. To install wordpress manually on 000webhost.com you will need WordPress downloaded from www.wordpress.org and a free account at 000webhost. Recently, I tried to host my new domain www.unleashthegadets.com on 000webhost but the auto -installers were not working as some upgrades were in progress hence, i had to install wordpress manually.


I have recorded the process so that it would benefit everyone.Follow the below steps to accomplish the task in 3 – 5 mins!


  • Extract the downloaded file and go to the root folder and create a zip file in the WordPress folder



  • Login to the 000webhost account and go the the control panel
  • Select MySQL and create a new database user
  • Save all the details in the notepad



Database user


  • Go back to control panel and select File Manager and go to public_html
  • Upload WordPress.zip from the upload archives section on the right
  • Once installed, open your website URL and then click on create configuration file and enter the database name,user,password and host and then click submit
  •  Enter the details correctly and click on Install WordPress



That;s it. Its really simple to install wordpress manually and i hope this tutorial will help you. To help understand better, you can watch my video tutorial which will act as a step by step guide.  If you have any questions  let me know via comments.