Location-based marketing is a fairly new concept that is fast gaining popularity because it has the potential to help you expand your business. A lot of businesses are wary of using this kind of concept because they don’t know enough about it, or don’t understand how to use it, but once its true nature is grasped, you’ll find out just how many customers you can attract. Location based marketing is a way to deliver your product to all those in your vicinity through the use of GPS. All you do is track their location, and if they are potential customers, they will see your site on one of their browsing experiences. They’ll be able to relate to your multimedia as it comes directly to their mobiles, and perhaps even spread the word. Here are five ways to use this campaign.

location based marketing strategies

1. Use Analytics: It is important you measure the effectiveness of your site by first analyzing what you have. Services like FourScore, WebTrends and Geotoko. Essentially what these services do is compute the statistics and viability of your location based marketing. You can check how your audience relates to your customers and how often they check in.You can check other venues from your category and how you are ranked accordingly.

2. Use social networks: These include specific pages on Facebook, regular tweets, and blog posts which are centered on your area. Keep an eye out for events, concerts, restaurants, and talk about the locality. When you create an actual interest in your locality, you get indexed under that location by search engines, and ultimately your business benefits from becoming more visible and showing up on locality related searches.

3. Special Offers: Always remember you are serving a small group of people centered in a particular geographical location. For this reason, conduct a research that allows you to give away coupons and special offers to residents and businesses in that area. Perhaps you can offer a particular mobile application specific to your potential users.

4. Involve people: This means getting friends of friends, friends of customers etc to visit your page. Get people to check-in when they go to a new location, by enabling applications which allow them to have conversations about the places, weather, and their mode of travel among other things as they check-in. When more people talk on your page, it will rank higher, and increase your analytics. Give your customers virtual badges, honor and stickers; show them who else has stopped by at that place; ask them to make recommendations. Think out of the box!

5. Use directories: A tried and tested method is to get your business listed in official directories. This could include phone service that keeps a track of all businesses and offers solutions to customers or web services that allow people to look for something and gives options.

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