Do you find that despite numerous attempts that preparing and following a budget plan has always turned out to be a troublesome task? You need to manage so many things such as maintaining a record of your purchases, saving the receipts; tracking your expenses and calculating you total expenditure as well as savings. Well, doing all these tasks seems so difficult and the results sometimes leave you in shock, and you are unable to analyse where your money actually went.

 Personal Finance App for android

But you need not worry; there is always a solution for every problem! The rapid growth in the economy has provided abundant new technology to help you out, so you need not worry about handling your personal finances using the traditional methods. If you own an Android phone then here are the best apps that will help you in doing all your hectic financial management providing you with accurate results without any hassle:

Easy money app:

This is the most popular personal finance application for Android phones. This app provides you with several features that include notifications for overdue and upcoming bills, financial reports and reports of inter-branch transfers. You can also get the widget of the app on your home screen which allows you to add new transactions without opening the application.

Nickel tracker – personal budgeting app:
This application allows you to follow your budget by creating categories like monthly spending limits which will allow you to enter all the expenses of each day allowing you to track the total spending for the week or month and reduce it. If you go over the budget that you specified then you will receive an alert from the application.

Venmo app:
This app is also known as the crown  for financial apps that provides you the flexibility to connect your credit card and bank accounts to your Android phone and get instant access to the cash you require to meet your expenses.

Finance for android: 
This application allows you to access your Google finance portfolios where your portfolio is automatically downloaded and synchronised with the Google finance blog when you open the app for the first time on your Android phone. Here you can get all the financial news, stock quotes and market data directly on your phone.

Mint app:
This application allows you to automatically update the account transactions and sends a real-time alert for low account balance. It allows you to find recent transactions and offers budgeting features. If you add the widget of this app on your home screen that you can see the snapshots of cash flow and get financial updates without switching to the application.

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