For many technology professionals, the ability to share intellectual property can cause a sudden case of paranoia. The idea that somebody could access your hard work in efforts to make a profit can be daunting.

Escrow Associates is a company looking to rid the technical world of that fear. They have begun this process by creating a designing software escrow built uniquely for each user. The software world is vast and if you are not up-to-date on the lingo you could find yourself confused very fast. Below are three important functions of escrow that you and your business should consider investing in.


Technology escrow : The technology escrow application was created primarily to protect users and their intellectual property from ungranted access in an effort to impose a secure environment.

Escrow Associates will sit-down with you to establish strict terms and agreements at the time of the escrow opening. Technology escrow services are available to businesses that seek to make critical information available while protecting itself from the threat of confidential items being physically lost or stolen.
This is great to invest in as a potential software developer seeking to protect intellectual property rights.


M&A escrow : During a merger and acquisition there is a lot of confidential information that must be made readily available for review by each party that is tied to the M&A.  Escrow Associates offers the alternatives and options to make this information available without risk of intellectual property theft or any sort of breach of documents or technology.

With escrow associates secure due diligence, each party that has agreed to disclose information will be able to rest assured that not just anybody has the authority to be able to access your information. Nobody who doesn’t have authority will be able to access, sell technology, or manipulate any of the documents, or items located within the escrow, and according to agreement strict penalties may be subjected should the terms be violated


 Verification and validation testing: Once an escrow agreement is ready to be finalized, one more important function must be noted. As part of the agreement escrow associates will have both you and the other party who will have access to the escrow, the ability to being able to deposit documents, software applications and any other items you may need to run your business.

Verification and validation testing offers clients the ability to access their escrow materials without limited access. Essentially the verification process work to ensure that each user on each side can access escrowed items and that they are operating up to potential.

These three important functions are essential when considering to implement software or hardware escrow into you business and to seek to make life easier and access to confidential information safer for all parties involved.