Although there is still a lot of speculation surrounding the next console, the Xbox 720, regardless of what it will really offer loyal Xbox fans, has generated a frenzy in Gamer Land. Although there is only so much we can guarantee for sure, based on what industry experts have had to say and on some very weighty rumours, we have a look into just some of what we hope to see, and what we all expect from the next generation in the Xbox family hitting shelves in November 2013.


Augmented Reality to become a reality?
One of the most exciting features that we hope to see come to life, literally, in the new console is the promise of games that use augmented reality.  Leaked plans from Microsoft hinted that they intended on completely moving the Xbox into AR, however we assume sadly that this won’t come until at least 2014. With AR features, games could become something unlike anything we’ve ever seen with the ability to interact with characters and even have them interact with you.  


But what about sound? Imagine being confronted by a character on an AR game and having location specific sounds play through your headset so it actually sounds like they’re in a specific place. We’re aware this sort of technology exists, and potentially we are getting a little optimistic. However, AR is to grow, it’s undoubted that 3D sound to go along with it will. Definitely on our list of ‘What Microsoft Need To Do Next’.


Voice recognition, a welcome addition?
One of the most promising developments in the 720’s repertoire we can almost bet on will be the voice control. Although Microsoft added voice recognition to a degree with the Kinect console, it was a very basic feature. Not to mention it left users having to take on the dreaded monotone and regional-dialect-removed voice in order to be able to successfully open applications, for example. 


According to various sources, the new console will feature a Siri-like function, offering a much improved and much more intelligent VR. This will offer simple functions such as “Xbox On”. The function will also improve gamer to gamer interaction by being able to see “What my friends are playing”, using voice commands. Site sources say as well as simply responding with actions, the new console will be able to respond to queries (we are unsure of just how intelligent this will be), and there will be an automatic voice response. 


What Can We Expect From The Xbox 720


The 720 doesn’t go anywhere without signal.
It was said in earlier reports this week that the new console will require a constant online connection in order to be used. This isn’t necessarily a major issue, as game play is never quite as satisfying on any previous models unless connected to the Internet. However, for those out there who simply prefer playing the odd offline campaign, this could prove to be a stay-away model. 

There is a mill of other rumours flying around and many of them, sadly, we think are just too good to be true for this version of the Xbox. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open, there’s always new information to be picked up, and you never know – some of the rumours do turn out to be truth! We’re super excited to see what gets unveiled and get our hands on it, and more important what we hope to see becomes reality!


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