Unable to Start the Firewall! Shield Unreachable.

I will help you resolve the Avast Firewall Problem. “Firewall Not Available” Its a known bug in Avast 8. My avast! firewall stopped working suddenly and I tried all sorts of ways to resolve the issue but didn’t work. Finally I found a perfect solution to the problem. Re installing avast! using the uninstall utility is the only solution to the problem.

avast firewall service not available

Its very easy to resolve the issue. Just follow the below mentioned instructions.

Download Required Tools:

Download  avast! uninstall utility (aswclear.exe) and avast! Internet Security using the download button. Save it on your desktop.


Step by Step Instructions:

  • Once downloaded, Restart the computer in safe mode (  Read: How to start computer in safe mode) or you need to disable avast self-defence module
  • Start the avast program –> click on settings –> Troubleshooting –>untick option “Enable avast! self-defence module”

avast self defence

  • Now open the uninstall utility(aswclear.exe)
  • Click on remove and yes to restart your computer
  • Once avast is completely removed from the computer, Install the fresh copy from the downloaded file

You will notice that now avast firewall service operates normally.  If you need assistance or if problem is not resolved, just let me know via commenting below.

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