Best Google Chrome Security Extensions recommended by BleepingTech. Chrome is best known for its fast and secure internet browsing. But to unleash the full potential we need to equip the browser with some great add-ons. Today I have decided to post some of my favorite security add-ons for Chrome.  Here are some handpicked Google Chrome Security Extensions. The one is always use if AdBlock and Web of Trust (WOT) . So below is a quick list of my favorite 10 security extensions

Must have Google Chrome Security Extensions

  • AdBlock: It blocks all the ads for you and gives you an ad free surfing experience on the web.some ads are annoying and some even are very risky.Hence,install Adblock to get rid of ads.
  • Web of Trust (WOT):This extension tells you which website is safe and secure for surfing, shopping and searching the web. WOT warns you about every link on the internet using the color codes Green: Safe ; Amber: Suspicious ; Red: Danger.
  • Credit Card NannyIt detects fraudulent websites that collect sensitive information like credit card number and display it as clear text. Your information could also be sold to any company.So use this chrome extension which is available for free
  • Click & CleanIt deletes your browsing history , deletes cookies,  Temporary files, download history and keeps you safe from any activity that could harm you.After using Clean & Clean it would seem like you have never browsed the internet
  • Secbrowsing (Broken link) :This useful add-on checks for periodical updates for your browser,plug ins and for the latest java security update. It would  notify you about any vulnerabilities and allows you to fix it easily
  • SaferChrome: It makes your browsing safer by identifying threats and privacy breaches.It also provides you information about insecure password transmission.
  • PasswordFail: Password Fail works the same way like Credit Card Nanny.It also informs you if passwords are stored in form of text without proper encryption.
  • KB SSL Enforcer: If certain sites like Google, Facebook etc offers SSL login or Secure Socket Layer Login ,then KB SSL Enforcer would automatically use https://  URL instead of the unsecured URL
  • View Thru:Links are usually shortened using and Google url shortener.View Thru will help you find the destination link hidden in the shortened links.No more blind clicks
  • FlashBlock: It would prevent from any flash content loading on a webpage.This add-on is mostly used along with AdBlock
Please do share some of your favorite chrome add-on. Use the comment box below and lets us know 🙂