Though Internet brings the world to your hands, a common problem that many encounter is the inconsistency with internet speeds. You might have encountered scenarios where you have to sit passive until a page gets loaded, movies take hours (probably a whole day or overnight) to get downloaded and videos getting stuck due to buffering! You might have gone to the extent of hitting your computer with the hope your internet works faster (well, I have)! Revolution, technology and innovation have touched internet speeds as well.
High speed Internet
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A competent connection combined with a comprehensive security suite offers consistent internet speeds. Not just the connection, there are other features that influence internet speeds:
  • Distance: the further you are from the telephone exchange, the higher the chances of slow internet speeds.
  • Cable Internet: when you and majority of your neighborhood have a cable Internet connection; all of you share the same bandwidth. This tends to reduce the speed of the internet.
  • Bandwidth throttling: your Internet Service Provider might reduce your bandwidth when you use applications like Torrent.
Here are a few ways to speed up your Internet:
·         The main problem with the internet speed could be your hardware. The performance can be influenced by the cache in your modem. Unplug the modem for a few seconds to empty the cache. Before you do this, ensure your modem supports the output speeds and all the cables are connected.
·         The Domain Name System (DNS) servers from many Internet Service Providers are not very fast and this could reduce your bandwidth. You can fasten up the DNS server addresses using OpenDNS.
·         It’s better to keep your cable short. However, if you are dependent on a long cable, then go for a network cable that has a gigabit rated shield. Avoid stretching or bending the cable as it affects the speed.
·         There are many programs that access your connection for transferring data, monitoring statuses or for default downloading updates. Use Firewall to control the number of programs that access the Internet and reduce the bandwidth.
·         Keep a regular check on the malware protection. There are chances for your Internet connection to go down when Worms use your connection to replicate. Install a good anti-virus and anti-malware software to prevent this. Scan your connection and computer regularly.
·         A wired Internet connection can be faster than a wireless connection. You may encounter signal interferences when you use a wireless Internet connection. However, you can rectify this by re-positioning the router or by changing the Wi-Fi channel number.
The slow Internet scenario is evaporating now. Leading Internet providers are now offering assorted internet speeds for their users to choose from. You can be a basic browser or a heavy Internet user; you can choose a package with the appropriate internet speed. For consistent internet speeds, many providers are offering a comprehensive Internet protection suite with their packages.
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