export email ids from facebook

Facebook doesn’t share information with anyone,so there is no option to export the email ids of all your friends.There is a perfectly legal way to do so.

Disclaimer: This is not a hacking tutorial.Using Yahoo importer you can download email ids of all your Facebook friends

Steps to import email ids of all your Facebook contacts:

  • Go to address.yahoo.com and below you will find a tool “Import your Contacts from other accounts to Yahoo!”
  • Click on import now
export contact from facebook 
  • Click on the Facebook icon.now a dialog box will pop out asking you whether you want to share your contacts with yahoo.select okay
allow access to yahoo
  • It will start retrieving  data from Facebook.after its completed click on done.
  • Click on tools option and select export or you can directly go to Export Contacts
select tool option
  • There are various ways to Export.select your preferred method.
export contact via yahoo