nabble forums
How to create a forum in blogger? This is the question most bloggers ask.There was no such option before, Bloggers use to create a forum and then link to their blogs.With Nabble you can embed a forum in a blog page.I was knowing about Nabble from the past 6 months.although its late i would say better late than never.
It’s really simple to embed  Nabble forums.You got to just copy the code and paste in your blog page,the forum automatically loads
Steps to install a nabble forum:
  • Fill in the details and choose a forum name and Description
nabble registration
forum name and description

  • Click on create confirm the registration by clicking on the confirmation link sent to your email 

  • Now they provide you with a code.just copy that code and paste it in your blog page.the forum will load automatically
Although we have launched our forum which is oh phpBB Platform.Here is sample on how Nabble forums looks.Your comments are always welcomed.Let me know what do you think about Nabble Forums.If you know any other alternative please write down below as comments.