Imagine a supermarket, where everything is available to everyone and you can walk up and down aisles, choosing what you like, discarding what you don’t need and replenishing your shopping cart. Now imagine this for the internet. What if you could add services and sites you liked with a touch of a button? This is where AddThis comes in.

share this cab personalize blogging experience

With a user-friendly name like AddThis, what else can a site be, but personal and integrated? At the heart of the philosophy that runs AddThis is the belief that the net should be open and available to all, without discrimination. You use a widget to add AddThis to a site after which users can bookmark any number of pages, including Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Google bookmarks. What this is, is one little button that when clicked, directs you to the services you might be interested in and lets you bookmark a whole bunch of things at one shot, rather than visiting sites one after then other and bookmarking them individually. Pretty nifty, isn’t it?

What does something like AddThis mean for the internet experience?

Because the site uses analytics and plugins, if you own a site you can identify ways to drive traffic your way.
A huge repository is at your disposal giving you unprecedented insight into the hearts and minds of billions of people.

Regardless of who you are- customer, blogger, business owner, you will find that AddThis is a useful tool to have. For instance, you can install social plugins from the site to your blog and website. This means whether it is users following you online or for your own ease of sharing information, everything gets simpler. You can download the browser extension for free and this toolbar will let you instantly share content to Facebook and Twitter. Or send all the stuff to your email id.

Use the setting option to personalize up to 10 places where you want your stuff to be seen. Considering that there are over 300, you better get cracking! This way, you get to control what kind of sites carry your work, from the usual social media sites to other cool options like Kindle It and Squidoo. This control over content in these uncertain times is definitely a win-win.

A blog is as popular as its readers are and AddThis allows users to share your content with others instantly. That means the moment someone reads your stuff and likes it, they can instantly transfer all that on to LinkedIn or Pinterest or many other options. What’s more, if users opt for the Follow option, they can go directly from your site to your page or handle on Facebook and Twitter and interact with you there. Talk about building a firm foundation!

AddThis claims to be the only site that measures the method in which all your content is shared from your site. This can be crucial to understand which method works best for users- whether it is by URL, email or text share. This will allow you to understand what can be done to further drive business and users your way. You can use the welcome bar to leave messages for visitors to browse through your blog and share what they like with others. Additionally, you can use the ‘trending content’ option to move to the top, content that is most popular in your website or blog. This ensures that those topics always stay in the news and in the minds of visitors, both old and new.

In fact, blogging platforms lead the categories list, preceded only by social networking sites. AddThis is a blend of many options, all of which work for you. We have seen the share, follow, welcome and trending buttons and you can further benefit from AddThis analytics that will measure all activity on your site. And it doesn’t end here. Once your site has AddThis, when viewers use their mobile phones to see your page, it will be automatically optimized for mobile phone usage. That means you’re really connected pretty much everywhere!

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