“Marketing your brand, business, or franchise on the internet can be a time consuming and complicated process. With all of the different social media platforms that exist today, it can be hard to decide what platforms your business should be a part of, and on which sites to focus your marketing efforts. Also, with an ever-growing number of related businesses and services that can be found on the Internet, it’s easy to become lost among the many results cultivated by a Google search.

launch your small business using biz brag

It is for these reasons that we created BizBrag.com – the most comprehensive social strategy for franchising on the web. By becoming a member of BizBrag, you can create Braggits, standalone webpages that you can use to market your business, a certain product or service, job openings, upcoming events, and more, with built-in technology that allows your page to rank well in a search engine search. Braggits may contain text, images, videos, etc – anything that you believe will help to bring your point across the reader and make it stand out among anything else on the web. After you have created your Braggit, you can send it out to all, or just a few, of your social networks. Braggits are perfect for social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Pinterest, YouTube, or Google+.

After you create a Braggit, you can track its success with a report card. Braggit report cards show both analytical and social data. The analytical data helps you to see how much attention your business is getting – it will show the number of clicks from the Braggit to your website, as well as keywords and traffic sources. The social data in your report card will show you just how many +1’s, tweets, or likes your Braggit has received. The report card will also show you how many BragForce members have forwarded your Braggit to their social networks.

The BragForce is BizBrag’s own social network that connects you to complimentary businesses and/or businesses in your local area. By partnering with other businesses and sharing their Braggits – and they, yours – both businesses will find new potential customers and increase their social reach.

Even with BizBrag’s straight-forward approach to social media marketing and search engine optimization, it can still be difficult and time-consuming to do all the work yourself. That is why at BizBrag we offer an affordable managed approach in which our team of writers, designers, and engineers create your Braggits and manage your social accounts.

To learn more about BizBrag and all that it can offer your small business or franchise, visit BizBrag