The new generation is full of smart devices and gadgets which are manufactured by the leading technical companies in the market like Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, Blackberry and many more. They are continuously creating the smart devices and making the work effortless in all the ways.


head phones for lumia


These devices are making the boom in the market with their amazing features and superb applications which are made for each and every individual to come up with your desires. They are also maintained with the best accessories which are used in your daily life like Charger, Headphones, Bluetooth device, Device Panels and other accessories which make your device an all-round Smartphone. Below are some of the types of most used accessory which is a Headphone which are especially made for Nokia Lumia.


Jabra Wave: It is the amazing headphone device for Nokia Lumia 800 which works with the Bluetooth and also prevents the wind and noise from meddling in your music and conversation. It is enabled with mic and DSP technology. This device is designed by Jacob Jensen. It is one of the stylish and slim comfortable small size headphones. It also has the automatic volume control and also comes with a charging cable. It is of universal compatibility.


Blueant Q2: This Smart Bluetooth headset is specially designed for the Nokia Lumia 800 and it is rich in the sound and audio effects and played with a Bluetooth. This device has the fabulous and advanced sound and also supported by the TTS {Text to Speech} technology. It also has an amazing Voice Dial, Voice Answer and Voice Control and is also capable of Multipoint and this headset is also universal compatible.


Plantronics: The Plantronics Voyager PRO HD Bluetooth headset is especially made for Nokia Lumia 800. This hands free device is a smart and can take and receive the calls. It is built with smarter technology which is used for sending the calls to your mobile phones and headset. It has all the Streaming music and various podcasts. The extra feature of triple taps of call button which is for voice and text service. It has a Talk-time of 6 hours and stand-by of 5 days. 


Smartphone Experts Stereo Headsets (3.5mm): This amazing headset is experts for Lumia 800. It has the technology for playing the stereo sound and blocks the outside noises. In this headphone it has different feature like it won’t disturb your music and you receive a call with the one touch button which is above the microphone. This device is the light weight and plays a crystal clear sound. It can also be connected to the Lumia 920.


Noisehush NX80: The stereo headphone which delivers the quality sound and also maintains the voice class and this device is best suited for the Nokia Lumia 920. This Noisehush NX80 is enabled with the control button which can switch between the calls and music. You can enjoy music with good clarity and amazing effects. It can be played within the range of 20 Hz to 20 KHz. All the way it is an enchanting device.


LG HBS-700: The LG HBS-700 is the amazing stereo device which brings you the superb sound and audio experience and it is played with the Bluetooth technology. You can enjoy your music and sound for at least 10 hours. It has the sleek design with comfortable fit on and around the neck. It also has the convenient power slide switch which works as the switch for music.


Motorola HK200 Bluetooth headset: This is also the other headphone device which is specially designed for Nokia Lumia 800. It is the perfect stereo headphones which are created with immense technology to produce the quality sound and music. This device will completely cover your ears and avoids the out-breaking voice. It also has the Strong bass and dynamic audio with 30 mm speakers. It is of universal compatibility.


Sony Ericsson MW1 Smart Wireless Headset: This is the High tech stereo headset which is from Sony Ericsson and it is a Hi-Fi wireless system made for Nokia Lumia 800 also entailed with the great features to enjoy and experience the music on the move. It can pair up to three devices and you can enjoy the FM radio without any mobile device. It also handles all calls and maintains the interference between music and radio.


Blackberry Stereo Headset (3.5mm): This stereo headset is the perfect one for the music and sound. You can experience the real pleasure for your favourite songs. It is also specially made for the Nokia Lumia 800. It is entailed with the unique design headphones which fixes in your ears and it is with 3.5 mm jack. You can also switch the phone to media with one click. It is supported with a single button to take calls and for listening to music.


HTC RC E 190 Headset: This is the least headphone which comes with the media free headphones and which is from the developers of Smart mobile HTC. This headset is especially made for the Nokia Lumia 920. It is the OEM HTC headset which is designed by HTC. It has the white soft finish with rubber around and it is comfortable and tangle free with every ear and can enjoy & experience the different music.