The tablet computer market has grown 300% in little over a year. 20 million people owned tablets in 2011, at the end of 2012 that number is projected to be over 60 million. Tablet sales are growing ten times faster than the sales of smartphones. Also, in 2011, retailers reported that 4% of all web sales were made on tablets.

Who owns the tablets? Statistics show that the main group of tablet owners is males aged 18-34. Studies have shown that two thirds of tablet owners use their tablets for at least two hours a day, and a whopping 77% of tablet owners claimed they used their handheld computers to order gifts during the 2011 holiday shopping season. Another 77% of retailers claim that orders made from tablet computers generally are of greater value than orders placed on desktop computers and on mobile phones. 

Tablet computers are making it easier and easier for customers to shop, so much so that they are making impulse buys. Only 22% of tablet users claimed they did not use their tablets to make a purchase in the last 6 months. However, 30% of tablet users admitted that they were much more likely to make impulse purchases.

91% of retailers claim to have a mobile marketing strategy. That’s important; because 8 out of 10 retailers claim e-mails and search engine marketing are the main drivers of their web traffic. 20% of these e-mails, retailers claim, are opened and read on mobile devices. 

In order to stay ahead of competitors, retailers must market their products to tablet users. Retailers must better optimize their web sites for tablets, as 46% of tablet users have said they would take their business elsewhere if they encountered an unsatisfactory online shopping experience.

See more information and stats on tablet shoppers in this infographic:


Ecommerce and Tablet Users on the Rise

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