Like any other business, social media plays a crucial role in the real estate world. Though you may find yourself trying to succeed in Facebook, you may find that you could benefit from other, more professional social media channels that are available to you as a real estate agent. To keep your profile and publicity professional, while still offering somewhat of a personal touch to who you are as a real estate agent, LinkedIn is the perfect resource to allow people to learn a little bit more about you. If you’ve never used LinkedIn before, it’s important to know that you need to work to build your portfolio, just like any other channel. Here are some LinkedIn tips for those just joining Linked In.

Include Your Work History
While people may not be interested in your jobs in high school, your professional career after college is going to say a lot about your credibility, regardless of what jobs you’ve had in the past. Keeping this information public is a sort of resume for potential clients that are considering using you as a real estate agent.

Request Recommendations
Several local businesses have relied on the feedback that users post on local sites to create a bigger customer base. When you add clients on your LinkedIn page, be sure to request a recommendation with those that you have completed a business transaction with. These recommendations are often predominantly featured on a user’s page. The recommendations you have, the more viewers of your profile will be tempted to do business with you.

Include a Picture
Remember that ever real estate agent needs to tie a photo to their name as well as their business. Including a professional headshot within your LinkedIn profile will not only give your profile a more professional look, but users who use the search feature on LinkedIn will be more tempted to click on your profile and give the rest of your page a thorough read.

Become a Premium Member
If you’re having some trouble getting you real estate business to take off to make the money that you need for success, considered a paid membership to LinkedIn. This professional membership gives you priority listing within search results, which gives you exponentially more visits to your profile. Additionally, you’ll be featured more often on connection lists of profiles that you’re already connected to, which is an additional opportunity to get more eyes on your LinkedIn listing.