Quora is a serious social media website from which you can get a variety of great answers. Quora has strict guidelines for users to follow, and tight monitors and moderators. However you’re rewarded with credits when people vote up your answers. Quora is not a spam website where you can leave your links and just wander off. But for your hard work, you’re rewarded with a healthy amount of traffic to your site, and possible back links from related websites in your niche. You can also put the Quora button on your toolbar to quickly post any of your blog articles straight to the site for extra views. Quora is a PR7 site, and with its popularity steadily growing, it’s now become one of the places from which you can grow your online business. Let’s see how you too can use Quora to do this. And no, you don’t have to spend a lot of time on the site to build up a reputation there.

Stick to Quora guidelines
Quora has some of the strictest guidelines of social media sites around on the Internet. In fact, it’s more of an information sharing site, than a social media one. As long as you stick to the guidelines, you’ll reap the benefits of traffic and links. In my first month of joining and actively using Quora, it became one of my top 10 traffic sources.

Make sure you fill out your profile on Quora
Quora is great for finding like-minded people. All you have to do is type in a name or topic in the search panel. Extend your network, without having to chat to people or spend time getting in their good books. In order for people to know you’re a likely person to follow, you need to complete your profile. A lot of people neglect to do this, missing out on important chances to grow their business. Say briefly what you do, where you hang out, and even leave a link to your blog.
Whenever someone hovers over your name – even on a page where you’ve only answered a question, they’ll see a short version of your bio near to your name. This will encourage them to click through to your profile.

Answer questions seriously and with as much detail as possible
One thing I like about Quora is the fact that I only spend about 20 minutes a week there. I look for questions in my niche and answer a couple of them each week. I make sure I write well, express myself clearly and am respectful at all times. Take time to impress the person who’s asked the question (and those who will read your answer).
People (anyone who reads your answer – not just your friends or those who follow you) will vote up your answer if they like it. This earns you credits and pushes your answer to the top of the pile of answers so more people can read it and vote it up. All this of course, gets you followers. But even if you don’t have lots of followers it doesn’t matter. People seeing your great answer will click through to your profile. Once you have a link to your site there, that’s more traffic for you. If you’re giving great answers on Quora, people will want to know what else you’re saying on your own site. So if you have the knowledge, sign up to give the answers.

Treat people fairly and respectfully when on Quora. This will benefit you a great deal. Always keep your cool and don’t forget to create boards with your interests. You can add your own stuff as well as others’ work on these boards – giving them a better chance at being seen and clicked on. Are you on Quora yet?

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This is a guest post from James who spends time writing for his site at www.opendoorloan.co.uk