We all love Facebook, and more of us are starting to enjoy Google+ too. Social networking is now part of most people’s daily life, and it is rare to go a day without checking your notifications or seeing how many crops have withered on Farmville whilst you were at work.

The largest right now, as we all know is Facebook. Almost a billion users, and Google+ stands at just under 200 million according to recent statistics released by the company.

So, what’s the big deal? Well, Google+ is a decent social networking platform. Of course, people keep complaining about the huge amount of white space that exists on each of the pages, but the majority of people are enjoying the simplistic design and the fact there is a lack of advertisements, considering Google can make its money elsewhere, such as with it’s AdWords platform.

It would seem Google is going strong, but competing against 1 billion people is no easy task. The majority still, and most probably always will see Google as a search engine. We all Google stuff that we need or want to know, and when we want to socialise what know with our friends, we don’t go onto Google+, we log straight back onto Facebook and put it as a status update.

Of course, like MySpace, Bebo and countless other Social Networks, they all die eventually, but will facebook hold out long enough for Google+ to die with it?

This article was written by Ashley Pearson. He is the Editor in Chief over at Suck My Trend. He specialises in the latest Technological Trends, and when it is cool, he covers it. Ashley loves to share his work all around the world, so guest posts such as these are perfect for him to increase his exposure and let people see his writing style.