Twitter is a powerful tool for social networking and also for promoting your work online,getting latest updates etc.You get to know about new people in the web-world.But to get benefit from twitter, you need to have followers,more the followers better is the result.

Time for a disclaimer: This is not a hacking tutorial.this tutorial shows the ways and means people can use to get followers.I don’t take any responsibility for any bad that happens.

I had found this in twitter itself and wanted to share with you all.I must say that the followers are not targeted can be used for the initial boost.These sites ask for the username and password. many people use these tools but I haven’t heard of any problems as of now.Even tested with a new account and it works, but can be risky,you can try at your own risk as twitter rules doesn’t allow buying or using tools to get followers Read Twitter FAQ

Sites that offer free followers

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    These sites have a limit and you can use the tool once in 24 you need to wait for the next day to use it again.I will surely keep you all updated with more tricks and new thing i find.I’m finding it hard to manage the blog as its exam time.

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