Free ways to bring traffic to your blog
Every blogger loves constant traffic to their blogs and its really a hectic task .A lot of work is to be done so that the blog gets the needed publicity. There are two ways to achieve this PAID and FREE.People who don’t have problem spending $$, use the PAID route,but bloggers like me who would first try to get decent traffic using all the free sources will constantly look for ways to do it.
The sole purpose for the article is to help new bloggers to get some descent traffic to their blogs without spending a single penny!

Here are the Free ways to get Traffic to your blog:


  1. Submit your blog to all search engines,use Submit Express
  2. Choose a short but sweet name for your that it would be easier for people to remember
  3. Use appropriate keywords,use Google keyword tool
  4. Create a Facebook community page
  5. Use twitter effectively, Re-tweet often
  6. Your blog should have an E-mail subscription form,its a cool way to get permanent members
  7. Add your blogs signature in your email
  8. Use pinging services like Pingomatic
  9. Join Mybloglog ,Blogcatalog ,create communities and add friends ( A female pic will attract visitors lol) 
  10. Submit your blog to Technorati
  11. Display you blogs code in you home page show that others can link to you
  12. Submit feed to yahoo.and also create set up Google websmaster tools
  13. Submit your blog to Blog directories 
  14. Answer questions on the forums from your niche and also leave a link to your blog if there is a solution
  15. Answer questions on yahoo answers
  16. Write articles to help new bloggers
  17. Publish a newsletter,make your the newsletter is short and attractive
  18. Leave an attractive comment on other blogs in your niche with your blog link below the comment
  19. Add alt text to images,in this way you will get traffic from image searches
  20. Add social bookmarking and sharing buttons in every post
  21. Be a Guest blogger on other blogs that allow to submit articles,or submit articles to Ezeinarticles
  22. Contact other bloggers in your niche and exchange links
  23. Use simple fonts and a professional looking template,easier to navigate
  24. Update the contents frequently
  25. Organize giveaways,everyone loves free gifts
  26. Add Top commentators list ,this will encourage people to comment frequently
  27. Submit articles to Digg,Delicious,Stumble upon,yahoo buzz,Google buzz,twitter, friend-feed, Reddit,etc
  28. Always ask your visitors to share the posts
  29. Setting up a live chat box is always beneficial use Yaplet
  30. Submit your blog to Review sites like Ratemysite com and coolsiteoftheday
  31. Using trackback link help
  32. Be patient 🙂